Yes We Can

Barrack Obama became the first African American to become The United States President. Adams Oshiomole became the first Nigerian to become a State Governor in Nigeria after contesting the April 2007 elections, without any rerun of elections. This was after the ruling of the Election Petitions and Appeal Court Rulings that upturned the supposed election of the former Governor.

What lessons can we learn from these two people on their road to success?

Success does not come overnight
They both have come a long way. Barrack Obama came to limelight in the year 2004 after delivering a speech during the period John Kerry was running for Presidency of the US. Adams Oshiomole made his mark when he was the Nigerian Labour Congress President some years back. They both did not achieve success overnight.

Hardwork is rewarding
Barrack Obama, during his campaigns, worked very hard going from place to place and delivering what you might refer to as World-Class speeches. Adams Oshiomole went right into communities during his campaigns as well. They were not lazy people who just sat down and did nothing.

Diligence, doggedness and determination are essentials of success
Barrack Obama was an African American and naturally people were opposed to his candidacy, but he was determined to do and achieve what no other African American had done and achieved before. He faced the challenges before him with doggedness and he was diligent. Adams Oshiomole was not one you will refer to as a natural politician. He was not even a long standing member of the platform he contested in. However, with diligence, doggedness and determination, he scaled through all the challenges to become the Governor of a State in Nigeria.

Tough people last longer than tough times
If you ask these two people some questions about their rise, you will surely hear about some tough times that they went through, but they outlasted the tough times.

Confidence comes before success
Both of them were very confident. Barrack Obama had so much confidence that he had already prepared a place so to speak for the victory celebrations even before his announcement as President-Elect. From the way Adams spoke, you would have noticed the confidence in his voice or speech. He was so confident that he contested the initial results of the elections and eventually won.

Integrity is a necessity
Barrack Obama and Adams Oshiomole never had a period of controversy during their sojourn to success. You never had that any of them was involved in one scandal or the other. You never had that they committed any crime and trust me, if there was any such situation, their opponents would have capitalised on that.

Failure is not an option
If you had asked them what they would do if they failed, they, most likely, would have told you they were not going to fail.

The above lessons can be imbibed in our Internet Business. We should not expect to succeed overnight. I have been on the Internet since 2006 and I never got money from the business until 2008. Of course, with a Mentor, you can achieve success faster, but definitely, not overnight. Hardwork, diligence, doggedness, determination, toughness and confidence are also very essential if we are going to make it. Integrity is also very important. I read a post about somebody who asked for the Google ads on his website, or is it blog? to be clicked. That is not a sign of integrity. We should also not take failure as an option. We may fail one way or the other, but, that does not make us a failure.

Let me borrow a leaf from Barrack Obama’s speech, can we learn from the above lessons and become a force to reckon with in Internet Business? Can we conduct our business with a high level of integrity to the point that we can begin to be trusted? Can we begin to create world-class products and sell at premium and competitive prices? Can we begin to contribute towards the well-being of newbies by taking them through the right track instead of just selling stuffs to them and expecting them to do all the work by themselves? To all these questions, I say a resounding “Yes We Can”. Again, I say “Yes We can”

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