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Millions of people today own their own work at home Internet business. A few of them are getting rich, some are doing okay, some are making some decent extra cash, but perhaps the majority of new home Internet start-ups are wondering…

When is the real cash flow going to start?

Welcome to the amazing world of Internet business and Internet marketing. It’s an incredible double-edged sword. On the one hand, the Internet has opened up truly amazing, even spectacular opportunities for anyone – especially those with little or no start-up money – to start a cash-generating business at home with nothing more than a computer and Internet access.

But the other edge, the one that cuts the unkind way, is the difficulty in making meaningful amounts of money with a home-based Internet business. It can be done, however. If you want to start your own work at home Internet business, your success will hinge upon your ability to be patient, work hard, learn as much as you can, and by adopting an “I will never quit” attitude.

An Internet business can be as simple as selling as much stuff as you can on auction sites like eBay. Or, you might write a cookbook or a self-help manual, format it as an ebook, and start selling downloads from your own Web site. You could also sell your eBook as Kindle selection on, and on other sites, such as Nook.

But one of the most significant ways to make some real cash is with Internet affiliate marketing. The basic concept is simple. You promote the product of another company on your Web site, and for every unit you sell, you get a small cut of the profits.

Affiliate marketing is an attractive idea because you need no start-up cash to get going right away. You also don’t have to worry about things like shipping, returns, sending bills, customer complaints – all you do is collect your commission every time you make a sale – which is usually paid by electronic transfer to your bank account, or by using a service like PayPal.

It sounds simple, but as you might guess, to make a lot of money with Internet affiliate marketing, you have to go deep into the practice, learn as much as you can about the best way to attract large traffic numbers to your Web site, choose hot-selling products, and more.

Similar to affiliate marketing is something called Internet drop-ship sales. It’s another great way to make a decent income by selling products for other companies. A quick search will reveal to you many companies who are eager to take you on as a drop-ship partner.

Like affiliate marketing, you advertise the products of your host company on your Web site and you make sales – and your host company does all the rest. You get a commission for each sale.

One of the most difficult aspects of establishing an Internet business is choosing what kind of business that’s a good fit for you skills, and avoiding scams. We can’t this latter point enough. When you began your quest for an Internet business model, you’ll confront thousands of offers, methods, software packages, strategies, home-study courses, opt-in offers and more.

Most of them promise “Huge Earnings! Spectacular Income!” and the like. But maintain your common sense. What they say is true: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

The most successful Internet entrepreneurs today achieved financial independence by doing a lot of homework before they plunged in, but they also learned by doing.

So if you want to start your own work at home Internet business, your keys to success are to learn by doing, learn from others, learn by your mistakes, and have persistence and a positive attitude.

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