Why Homeowners Should Do Preventive Maintenance: 5 Basic Reasons

The excitement over buying a home of your own, is normal, and understandable. For most people, the value of their house, represents their single, largest, financial asset, so, wouldn’t it make sense, to do all you can, to protect your investment? Like any other holding, doing so, takes proceeding with a quality strategy, to handle the necessities of home ownership, preserve the integrity of your home and property, and do so, in a way, which, both makes sense, and is affordable! Therefore, this article will attempt to review, examine and consider, why you should commit to a preventive maintenance approach, and plan, focusing on 5 basic reasons.

1. Costs less, over time: In the long run, it is invariably, less expensive, to regularly address maintenance issues, than to wait, until repairs are necessary. While most efforts, to regularly maintain, one’s home, are relatively reasonably priced, when one waits, there is a risk, of extensive, expensive, unexpected, and unplanned, expenditures! One should develop, and create, a home maintenance and repair fund, which he isolates, and maintains, to take care of any issues, etc. When one does this, regularly, on either a weekly, or monthly basis, he is ready and prepared, to pay himself first, by being properly positioned! A little financial planning, is extremely valuable, to a happier home experience!

2. Address issues early/ nip things, in the bud: When you regularly take care of your house, and property, you often, preemptively, address potential issues, etc! For example, create a schedule, which includes sealing your driveway, regularly, usually, before the weather gets much colder, in the winter. Doing so, often reduces the severe impacts, and makes upkeep simpler, and less expensive! Similarly, sealing windows and doors, by caulking, etc, will save money on heating, etc. As the Boy Scout motto states, Be prepared!

3. Do a little at a time/ less stress and disruption: Commit to a regular schedule, for items such as painting, so you might paint one room, at a time, and thus, disrupt, your lives, to a far lesser degree! Make a schedule, to take care, of these types of activities, and stick to your plan! For larger areas, and potentially more costly ones, put aside funds, for items such as your hot water tank, which generally has a useful life of approximately 10 years, and save accordingly.

4. Organized – follow a schedule: Your best intentions will not achieve your needs and/ or objectives. Rather, create a task – list, which addresses, specific schedules, for maintenance, painting, repairs (major and minor), etc.

5. Budget: It’s easier to commit, and focus, on a well – considered, budget, so you are prepared, rather than overwhelmed! Just as you put aside and plan, for your mortgage (including principal, interest, and escrow) payments, periodically, put aside funds, to be prepared. Doing so will significantly reduce your stress levels!

Commit to a personal plan, and stick to it! When a homeowner realistically prepares, home ownership becomes the pleasure, it should be!

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