Why Health Food Makes You Fat

If you want to build muscle and strip off all your unwanted body fat, here is some candid advice:

Avoid health food.

Let me explain why I stand behind this controversial statement.

Fifty years ago, the leanest and most muscular men consumed a diet that most modern day nutritionists would consider shockingly unhealthy. They ate copious amounts of raw eggs. Drank raw milk. Some even drank blood from cows! Despite eating high amounts of fat, these old school bodybuilders were lean, muscular and healthy.

Today, our definition of health food has changed. I could not help but notice that low-fat cookies are marketed as a “healthy snack.”

Carbohydrate-rich burritos now pass as a healthy lunch. And children wolf down bowls of whole grain cereal drenched in fat-free skim milk because mom thinks it’s healthy.

But despite our obsession with health food, Americans are fatter than ever. In Mississippi, a whopping 30% of all adults are considered overweight. And over the past 15 years, all 50 states showed an increase in the number of adults now considered overweight.

That’s right — despite all the healthy options available today not a single state in the nation got leaner over the past 15 years.

So don’t believe the hype.

Your doctor won’t tell you this… and the mainstream media certainly hasn’t caught wind yet but the high-fat diet just might the healthiest way to eat.

By avoiding sugar, skipping whole grains and other carbohydrates and instead getting your calories from naturally occurring fats in whole eggs, nuts, meat and other natural foods, you’ll have a much easier time ditching the excess body fat.

And a smaller waist means a healthier body. So if you want to get lean and healthy, then focus on eating “old-school” foods – the kind of stuff they ate 50 or 100 years ago.

Think about it: Obesity is a NEW problem. And it’s become a problem because of our new foods. So maybe our new healthy snacks simply are not all that healthy. Maybe our healthy breakfasts are not doing us any favors. And maybe we should rethink whether a giant burrito packed full of carbohydrates should really be considered a healthy lunch.

Maybe the best thing to do is eat the way our ancestors ate. Focus on foods found in nature.

Oddly enough, you will probably end up leaner and healthier when you start shunning health food.

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