What Causes Excess Facial Hair?

Facial hair removal for women can be a very frustrating topic… it used to be for me. I remember how bad my confidence and self esteem got… all because of the social stigma that was attached to having too much facial hair. The good thing is that you are not alone. More than 41 million women in the United States alone remove facial hair at least once every six months. More than 20 percent of these women remove it weekly… and 4 percent do it daily!

Every woman has hair follicles hiding right below the surface of their skin. So if you have excess hair growth… don’t feel bad cause nobody is completely hairless… facial hair removal for women typically becomes a nuisance when your hair follicles get over stimulated… causing noticeable hair growth.

So what are some of the causes of your excess facial hair?

Aging – Your body chemistry is constantly changing… and it has been ever since you were born really. Every woman has a certain amount of male hormones in their system called androgens. These hormones are responsible for many things… including hair growth. As you get older your body tends to ramp up your production of androgens. When this happens you may start to notice hair growth where you have never experienced it before… such as your chin, neck, or upper lip area.

Excess Body Weight – If you struggle with excess body weight you may be producing excess androgens. Body fat tends to retain and store androgens… so the heavier you are the more likely you are to store androgen in your body. This in turn produces hair growth… and leaves you with the burden of facial hair removal for women.

Heredity – You may have just a much facial hair as the next woman but yours may jut be a lot more noticeable. It’s pretty much common sense that hair growth will be super noticeable if you have dark, dense, thick hair. The color and thickness of your hair is mostly defined by heredity. So if you have dark thick hair that really noticeable your gonna have to blame your parents!

The biggest question surrounding facial hair removal for women is: “What process you should I use to actually remove the hair?” Women will almost always resort to shaving without realizing exactly how inefficient and time wasting it can be. When you shave you only remove a little portion of the hair shaft… most of the hair is left under the surface… untouched. The hair that’s under the surface typically re-emerges within 24 hours… and then you have to shave again.

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