Used Gun Safes – 3 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying

How do you find the best used gun safes on the market? There are a ton of them available.

In other words, you have to know what to look for. Here are 3 questions you MUST ask yourself before buying:

#1) Is it secure?

In other words, is the steel thick enough? Many cheaper models have very thin steel, which means they are easy to break into. Sure, they might stop your kids from getting inside… but if a robber ever breaks in, your guns are at risk.

And don’t forget about the locking system.

This is actually one of the most critical things to think about. There are 3 kinds of locking methods: lock and key, pass code, and fingerprint.

Which is best?

The fingerprint and pass code safes offer you the most security. This is simply because they allow you quicker access to your guns.

Think about it: if somebody is breaking into your house, you often only have a matter of seconds to get to your gun. That’s why getting access to them quickly is CRITICAL. If you have to fumble around looking for a key, you are not going to get to them in time to protect yourself or your family.

#2) What’s the fire rating?

There’s no sense in getting the most secure safe available if it’s not fireproof. Make sure it’s “UL rated”. This simply means that a 3rd party has looked it over and verified that it does back up the companies claims.

#3) Where can I find the best deal?

Look for company giveaways. Sometimes firms that are either go out of business or moving give away their safes for NEXT TO NOTHING.

These are the deals you want to jump on. If you do, you can often times get them for 50% or less of the original price.


If you evaluate the steel thickness, locking system and fire rating, you should find the best model. And as long as you stick with used gun safes, you can save money while still getting a good deal.

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