Untreated Urinary Tract Infections – Why They’re Dangerous To Your Health

Untreated urinary tract infections ( also known as bladder infections ) are a consideration made by too many women. On rare occasions a UTI will clear without treatment, but this is because that individual ahs a strong immune system, and eats the foods and drinks the fluids that cause the E coli to be naturally eliminated from their urethra and bladder. For the rest of UTI sufferers leaving your infection untreated can cause serious problems.

E coli bacteria

Bladder infections are caused by the E coli bacteria, and once this bacteria infects the urinary tract it isn’t going to stop the infection all of sudden without being removed by you first. All it will do is infect you more, and it will gradually work its way up to your kidneys. This is why you need to cure your UTI as soon as possible, and not even think about leaving it untreated.


Nephritis is an infection of the kidneys, and this is the infection you’ll get if you leave your urinary tract infection untreated. Treatment for Nephritis ranges from bed rest while on sodium restricted diet to hospital treatment while taking antibiotics on a drip.

Complications that can arise from Nephritis are…

Acute kidney failure

Chronic glomerulonephritis

Chronic kidney failure

High blood pressure

Congestive heart failure

Nephrotic syndrome

These complications can be avoided if you treat yourself as soon as you get a diagnosis from your doctor. If your appointment is not going to be for a while then you can attempt to cure yourself with a UTI home remedy.

It’s important that you see your doctor so you get a correct diagnosis of your infection. Just assuming that you have a UTI can also be dangerous as you could have another infection that is going untreated.

You have options to treat your bladder infection. You can either use conventional medicine which is always antibiotics for 3 days to a week. Or you can use a home remedy which is a 12 hour treatment that doesn’t upset your bacterial or chemical balance in your intestines.

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