Traffic Generation – Weird Traffic Generating Tips That Work

Okay, since you’re looking for information on targeted traffic, you already understand that such traffic results in prospects coming to your blog – repeatedly and for more information. This equals more exposure to you and ultimately more sales.

But if you wish to learn how to get such traffic, you must qualify 3 criteria:

  • Persistence
  • Willingness to test
  • Regular content

If you feel you can get those handled then here are 3 quick killer strategies for driving free targeted organic traffic to your site:

#1: Reverse SEO

Everyday SEO(Search Engine Optimization) deals with optimizing your site for a chosen keyword. But the painful problem with it is that you’re competing with literally millions of websites for almost no payback in the early stages.

What’s more is that SEO is more effective if it follows a strong PPC experiment or CPA campaign…which means shelling out cash first! We can’t all can afford that.

Here’s a realization. Most webmasters and content writers really don’t have much control over their content and search engine rankings anymore. Then who does? The answer – visitors!

The strategy of reverse SEO means to get any arbitrary people to visit you at first and then leveraging each visit to go up the search engines. Instead of just trying to grab contact details and build a list, you have them comment, like, share your site and then redirect them to one of 2 things:

1.) A free report or download that contains either your sales letter or a content sample and then a link directed back to your site. This is useful when the report is qualifying in nature and leaves a void to be filled in the reader’s mind.

2.) A forum where useful content is available and where the user can further comment and share their own findings and ideas. This is extremely powerful as it makes the visitor gradually manufacture UNIQUE CONTENT for you and this gets tracked by the search engines and raises your site value. This technique used effectively is the secret behind huge sites like Facebook and YouTube that have great authority with rankings but hardly manufacture any of their own content!

#2: YouTube Bomb

Make a YouTube video. Or better yet, find a YouTube video related to your business/product/service, that has a substantial number of views each month. Who do you think makes most videos on YouTube?

Business owners?


Social media experts?

FIFTEEN YEAR OLDS that want to share!!

“Hey kid! Mind if I give you $10 or $20 for your account. Or just to place a link at the end of your videos or in the description?”

Five in seven kids get excited for that small amount of money! And its way better than spending thousands on fruitless CPA campaigns. Once you have a mutual legal understanding with the owner of the video, you already have all the traffic it gets. Just get your link in there, and watch the traffic roll in!

Now, if you feel you can do well with your own YouTube video, no problem. Here’s another bomb for you. Have your video loop over so that it starts re-playing at finish instead of switching over to a new video. Secondly, at the end of the video have a 2 to 5 minute stretch with just you pointing to the link in the description.

You say this every few seconds: “Okay great, now click that link.”

Keep appealing to the viewer to click the link. Ask them “why are you still here? Click the link”:-)

And to really blast it, in the last 30 seconds…they’re still there and you can get MAD!!

Pick up a chair or a cushion and say “Click the damn link!!” Show some anger on video. Then in the end smile and have the link flash for 15 seconds.

What do you think the click-through rate on that is going to be like?

It’s HUGE!!

#3: Article circuit

Write a couple great articles on a subject or have them written on a site like

Post them in an ezine or PR site or modify it for a Squidoo lens, or hub at HubPages. Then, instead of linking it back to your own site like most of your competitors, have it link to a discussion forum that flashes in the top 3 Google results for “your keyword” forums.

Now make sure you link it to a particular page of interest on that forum and not that site’s homepage. Next, on the page you linked it to, post a comment with a link back to your site or a similar article on your site. Two things happen here:

You get authority flow from the article directory as well as the forum website that had a good ranking. This indirectly causes a jump in your site value which translates into more organic search traffic.

You have an opportunity to filter readers at the forum level of the circuit by promising a benefit that can otherwise get your article rejected at the article directory. This makes the user mark out your article and pay more attention to it. Which means they’re more likely to join your traffic stream!

I hope these somewhat unusual ways of generating traffic get your wheels turning. Traffic is where you find it…now go get your share!

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