Top Tips for Choosing Patterned Curtains

With a huge range of designer curtain fabrics on the market today, it can be especially hard to decide which one would look best in your home. There are many different aspects to consider, including colour, length, style, thickness, texture and much more.

The choice complicates itself even further if you are considering choosing a patterned design, as purchasing something with a unique style that looks good when paired with all the other decor in a room can be hard to pull off. With that in mind, here are our top tips for choosing patterned curtains that will look fantastic.

The first thing to remember when choosing any kind of patterned decorative items – whether an exotic area rug or designer curtain fabrics – is that care should be taken to avoid them overwhelming a room or making the space look too “busy”. This can often happen when you already have a large number of patterned items in a room, with the addition of one more being too much.

Although too many different patterns can make a room seem like there is too much going on in it, decoratively speaking, too much of the same pattern can also be overwhelming. This can happen when someone loves a particular design a great deal – for example flock or chevron – and then decorates everything with it.

Although these designs are undoubtedly stunning, it is always better to use patterns in small doses. If you like chevron, for example, purchase some bold designer curtain fabrics in this pattern, but keep the rest of the room relatively simple and plain. You could also choose a delicate floral curtain design, and complement it subtly with some floral artwork or a vase of flowers.

In addition to making sure that too many patterns do not overwhelm a room, bear in mind that patterned curtains also therefore do not work very well if you already have patterned wallpaper. As mentioned previously, this can make a space look too busy with all the different designs going in it.

If you have patterned wallpaper, instead opt for solid coloured designer curtain fabrics, as these can look stunning without drawing attention away from your beautiful wallpaper design. On the other hand, a room full of solid colours can often handle even the most vibrant and extravagant of patterned curtains.

It is worth remembering that some rooms take better to bold, patterned designs than others; small rooms can be overpowered by bright or complicated designs, whereas subtle looks can make a large room seem lacklustre and dull. When you choose your patterns, therefore, aim to stay in proportion to the room itself.

Smaller, more intricate and more delicate patterns can look fantastic in a smaller room, so if you want to use dots or pinstripes here, aim to go for patterns that are smaller in design. If you have a large sized room, however, why not change a delicate floral pattern for some curtains with large attention-grabbing prints of roses or exotic flowers?

For those that are unsure of which pattern to go for, the best idea is to look extensively for examples of already decorated rooms with a design that you are interested in replicating yourself. By looking through design magazines or on websites like Pinterest, it is relatively easy to find hundreds of ideas for decorating your room with patterned designer curtain fabrics.

As mentioned above, be sure to search for ideas that will suit your room at home, look for designs for spaces that resemble yours in size, and note how the particular pattern looks in proportion to the space. In addition to this, take note of the other decor in the room – is it also patterned and bold or are more subtle solid colours and designs used?

All in all, take your time to find some patterned curtains that do not only look good in the shop, but will also suit your home. By keeping things balanced and in proportion, there is no reason why the most gorgeous curtain patterns shouldn’t work for you.

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