The Pros and Cons of Being Self-Employed

From the outside looking in, self-employment appears to be a great thing. In many ways, it is- you get to choose your own hours and have the freedom to work when and where you want to. There is no boss breathing down your neck and you make all of the business decisions. You are the sole thing standing between you and financial independence.

With all these positives, it may be hard to believe that self-employment isn’t for everyone. Many people work better under constant supervision and find that they don’t get much done when self-employed. It’s too easy to take another break or get caught up in another episode of Maury. They soon find that, while they certainly started the day off intending to work, they really didn’t get much work done at all.

The other upside to working a regular job is, as long as you get up and go to work every day, you have a guaranteed source of income. In this day and age, most decent jobs offer some sort of health insurance as well. There is no worry about where you’re going to get the money to pay your next mortgage bill or how you’re going to pay the doctor bill if you get sick.

Depending on what type of person you are, working from home may not be for you. If you are organized and capable of working without deadlines you may be a perfect candidate for self-employment. There is one catch though…You have to be capable of working alone. Spending an entire day in front of your computer in your home office can get rather lonely. If you’re the type of person who enjoys interacting with others at the office, self-employment may not be a good career choice. Make sure you examine the positive and negative aspects before jumping into a home-based business or work at home career.

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