The Energetic Power of Words

I have a friend who is highly intelligent, but whenever she makes a mistake, or cannot figure something out, she says “I’m just stupid”. In fact, I have seen her hitting herself on the head while saying the words “stupid, stupid, stupid”. This really shocked me. I tried to show her what she was doing, reinforcing negative thoughts and putting herself down, but she didn’t get it. I told her if she fills her head with negativity on a continuous basis, it will slip into other areas of thought, other areas of her life, and overall she will have a negative outlook. It could be almost like wearing a pair of glasses that tint everything negative.

When I was doing research for a Radio piece on Bullying, I phoned up my children’s school to ask about their anti-bullying policy. They said that when they work with the children they don’t mention the word bully at all. Every September they hold a “Friendship week” across all the classes across the whole school. This reminded me of the famous story about Mother Theresa, she would never attend an anti-war march, but would always show up for a peace rally. It is about putting energy into the positive, not the negative: not the “bully” but the “friendship”; not the “war” but the “peace”.

Words have a vibration and an associated energy, positive or negative, heavy or light. We can use this knowledge to help heal ourselves, and the world around us. Here’s an exercise you can do to capture the positive energy of words and bring it into your life:

Create lists of words that have the energy that you want to manifest. Try to use these words throughout the day. Notice how speaking these words out loud helps you feel more positive and creative. See which ones are strongest for you, and use them more often.

You can choose the most powerful words you know and write them out on Post-it notes, print them out and put them on the wall in your home where you can see them – Love, Joy, Light, Magic, Happiness, Gratitude, etc. When you see them, stop what you are doing and feel their energy. Breathe it in, and release any negativity you might be feeling at that moment. Surround yourself with these words so that you have access to them in situations where you might experience negativity – at work, in the car, by the phone.

Remember to be responsible for your own behaviour. You can choose to respond to a situation, not to react. Let the positive energy of the words guide your response.

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