The Best Hair Loss Products

Hair loss has been a problem for a long time now, even in the Egyptian age. They would cover their heads from baldness by wearing wigs all the time. As time has moved and advanced, there are treatments to hair loss, other then the old solution of wearing wigs to hide baldness. They come in different forms and you can choose depending on the extent of your loss and where the hair loss is more apparent.

You can combine three different types of products, if you want the best way to treat hair loss. This combination includes medication that will stop or prevent hormones that cause loss, shampoo that will encourage hair growth and drugs that will stimulate the follicles in hair production. If you combine these three, hair loss will not be a problem for you anymore.

Hormones that are present in the scalp, such as the DHT androgen, prevent hair from growing. Testosterone and 5-alpha-reductase are responsible for the production of the DHT hormone. This particular, hair growth hindering hormone will roam around the scalp area, and affix itself to the hair follicles. With time, the hair follicles begin to wither away as a result of the DHT. The immediate effect is the loss of hair from all the affected scalp area. Chemically manufactured treatments include Finasteride, revivogen and Dutasteride and will help you reduce the volume of loss. If you would prefer a treatment that comprises of herbal components, Procerin is worth considering..

Hair follicle production is mainly influenced by adequate blood flow. Hence taking medication or foods that increase the blood flow will influence the general condition of your hair. Some drugs boost the quantity of blood vessels that are present within the hair follicles. This in turn will increase the blood flow, and an increase in the blood flow will also mean an increase in the nutrients that are feeding into the hair follicles. The cells and the enzymes rely heavily on these nutrients so as to trigger the production of new cells. Rogaine is a drug that is taken to augment the nutrients in the hair follicles. If your hair is going through a phase called the anagen phase, hair loss is inevitable, as the blood flow and the vessels have reduced.

It’s amazing how washing your hair can solve the issue of hair loss. You are removing all he dirt that may be blocking the hair follicles and reduces the chance of an infection taking place. There are shampoos specifically put together for the purpose of reducing loss. Some shampoos, will trigger certain enzymes on your scalp that are responsible for hair growth. When you take drugs, that prevent loss, you may suffer some sort of irritation, on your scalp. Shampoo can also help in eliminating this irritation as you wash your hair with care. The shampoos available are many and you can choose the one you want to use.

A combo will eliminate hair loss once and for all.

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