Tai Chi DVDs – How To Get The Best From Them For Your Health

Owning a Tai Chi DVD suggests you have an interest in looking after your health by improving and maintaining it by the use of gentle exercise. Personally I do not believe you will find a better exercise system in the world today for which you will also find many Doctors, General Practitioners who will actually recommend Tai Chi to many of their patients.

First and foremost and quite obviously the first step for your health after the purchase of a Tai Chi DVD you will have to take it out of the cover and put it in your player. If you think I was being a little sarcastic by that statement I would just like to point out there are many people that will buy exercise dvd’s and fail to take the next step and leave them on the shelve to gather dust.

I would like to encourage you to get over this first hurdle for your health and make a habit of putting the exercise DVD on every day for at least 20 minutes even if you are not going to do the exercise at first, this way you will become familiar with the exercise system and you may then find the inspiration to take the biggest step and start.

Tai Chi is one of the eldest exercise systems to date and quite recently has become more popular than ever with scientists conducting research into the claimed health benefits. This exercise system predates Christ easily by 3000 years and many elements from the exercise system are used by Buddhist Monks and other religious and non religious individuals in their search for Spiritual Growth and enlightenment.

Tai Chi DVD For Your Health

Most tai chi dvds will start with a brief or in depth history of the exercise system then perhaps an introduction to the linage of Masters and the style that the presenter will be showing you. Then at some point they will suggest that you wear lose fitting clothes for taking part in the exercises.

You will find the exercises quite different from any system you may have experienced or seen as the movements are carried out in a slow and relaxed manner. This system adopts the mind set that you and your body are going to be together for your life time and the stress and strain of running, lifting weights, even things like aerobics is quite unnecessary for looking after your health and becoming the fittest you possible can be. It is not advised to run every day nor lift weights but doing Tai Chi and making it part of a regular routine each day for your health is recommended.

Getting the Most for Your Health from Exercises Shown in your Tai Chi DVD

I am sure you will agree when engaged in an activity most of us have quite a short attention span before our mind might start to wonder thinking about something else. Pay close attention to what is being shown and how the presenter is doing the movements, especially their form. For instance if they have shown you an exercise where your arms start at your side and then you slowly raise them in front of you to above your head imagining you are holding a large beach ball.

You should carefully take note of the presenter, how bent were their arms at the elbows, what position are their hands in relation to each other, what about their fingers, did you notice that when they raised their arms showing you how to do the exercise their shoulders did not shrug or scrunched up.

Although at first it may be difficult to get the correct form when executing the exercises from your Tai Chi DVD, a little perseverance in keeping your mind focused on the correct positioning and execution of the exercises and your body will take this on and carry out the exercises in the correct manner without trying which in turn will provide maximum rewards for your health and body.

Treat Your Health Take That Tai Chi DVD Put it in the Player and Take Action!

I would like to suggest making full use of your tai chi DVD and exercises contained within make a start right away. You! Take control of your health and your mind do not let which you think is your mind tell you what to do.

When your eyes glance past your DVD and a voice in your mind says to you “agh yes my Tai Chi DVD I have been meaning to do that, ill put it on this Sunday morning coming” That’s when you tell your mind exactly what you are going to do for your health and put that DVD in the player and start training no matter what mood you are in.

It has been accounted and stated by people who have had type two diabetes after doing Tai Chi Exercise for 30 minutes every day vastly improved their condition with many people reporting of having no more complaints. In fact Tai Chi in all its forms and names is known to help improve and keep at bay many other conditions and aliments which continues to surprise the world of medicine, I would suggest probably worries them.

If this is your first time in really looking after your health through exercise make a big effort pull out all the stops and do exercises from the tai chi DVD for at least 20 minutes every day without fail. Work up to 30 minutes then one hour every day. This will provide you excellent benefits and the best chance to enjoy the things you do today when you are 70 plus.

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