Sterling Silver Jewelry Findings Made Simple

Sterling Silver Jewelry Findings give you options in your jewelry making. You know by making or buying your own jewelry findings that you’re not going to see your necklace on every other person you meet. It will be your own unique design and creation.

The Chain Nose pliers will help you get into tight spots and help close and open rings. The Round Nose pliers are for making loops. You will also want a good pair of Flush Cutters this tool will help you make clean cuts for your jewelry.


You will want a good pair of pliers. Pliers for jewelry findings come in many different styles. The style you use will depend on what you need.

The Chain Nose pliers will be the most used pliers in your tools for jewelry making. It tapers to a fine point, great at getting into tight spots and opening and closing jump rings. Round Nose pliers are great for making loops in the wire. Nylon Jaw pliers allow you to straighten your wirer. Flush Cutters will keep your wire cuts where you want it. Make sure you get a good quality pair of each to meet all of your wire needs.

Stringing Wire

This is more of your choose. There are plenty of wire types you can use to make your jewelry. It will depend on what you want, more than anything else. You will need to make sure the wire is small/big enough for the pieces you choose to make. You will also want to consider the different wire strengths for your jewelry. If you are going to use heavier pieces, you will want to consider using a strong wire to string your beads. However, there is a cheaper way to go, fishing line. Fishing line is a high strength sting for making jewelry. There is a downfall to using fishing line. Over time, it will stretch out of shape.


Here you will have plenty of choices. The clasp is what connects your jewelry together. You will want to make sure your clasp is of good quality. Nothing could be worse than finishing your jewelry and watching it fall apart the first time you wear it.

Ear Wires and Post

If you want to make your own earrings, this is an important and necessary material. The Ear Wire is the base of the Ear Ring. It goes through the piercings in your ear. There is a loop at the bottom to put your jewelry findings on. For beginners, you can buy pre-made Ear Wires. There are plenty of styles to choose from. The post is what will keep your Ear Ring safe and secure.

Head Pins

Come in many lengthens and thicknesses. These are mainly used for ear rings and pendants. You can add your beads and things to your head pin. Then make a loop at the top and attach it to your ear wire. Now you have a custom made earring!

Finding the right beads and materials is pretty simple to do! Understanding the difference between the metals and other materials used to make Jewelry Findings is more challenging.

Over time, you may find that your materials don’t last as long as you expected. They might be easy to break. It can be an expensive and time consuming task to keep remaking and fixing your jewelry. Sterling Silver Jewelry Findings are much more cost effective in the end because of their increased durability. It also has a better look and feel.

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