Small Changes to Your Home – Conservatory Blinds and More

Sometimes we want to make major changes to our homes. We can get bored and tired of how our homes look and crave something a little different.

When we want to change the look or feel of our homes, we often link this with expensive investments, such as new furniture, redecoration or costly renovation work.

However, this doesn’t need to be the case. We can make some small changes and additions to our homes that can make a massive difference. As well as taking less time and energy, they are likely to do less damage to your wallet also.

If you want to create more of a breeze in your home, then you could invest in an electric fan that plugs into a socket. Instead of buying and fitting a fan lamp, you could purchase an electric fan for substantially less.

A fan can be brought out in the summer and help to create a breeze in your home. You will really appreciate it on hot summer afternoons!

In winter time, a great investment for your home is draft excluders. These are extremely cheap and are placed under doors to help keep out cold drafts. These can save you a lot on your energy costs as you don’t have to keep heating a room as the excluder should help to retain existing heat and prevent heat loss.

Another cheap investment to make is sofa throws. Instead of buying a new three piece suite, why not buy some good quality throws to put on your sofa and armchairs? These can really change the feel of a room and bring a fresh twist to your furnishings.

Another great idea is; instead of redecorating a whole room, why not just paint a feature wall? A feature wall is one wall in a room that is painted a dramatic or strong colour. This can lend a room a great sense of drama that can lift a bland space.

A feature wall will also save you money as you will not have to pay to paint the whole room, just one wall. However, do make sure that you have a feature wall in a room with simple colours. Otherwise, you risk having a room full of clashing colours.

Lastly, lighting is an important feature in your home. However, instead of paying to install a whole new lighting system, a great idea is to buy some conservatory blinds. These can alter the mood and ambience of your conservatory and downstairs space simply and effectively.

So the next time you feel like you need a change, think carefully before making any huge purchases. The little things can make a big difference.

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