Signs of Infidelity and Unfaithfulness

If you believe that your partner is being unfaithful, you will want to recognize these signs of infidelity. These signs will help you to decide if your lover is cheating or if it is simply your imagination. If you are not cognizant to the clues to infidelity, you may not detect your partner’s unfaithfulness.

Lack of interest is the first sign of faithlessness. Lack of intimacy may indicate that your partner is involved with another. Other issues may also make a loved one less affectionate.

To expose your partner’s infidelity, you must look for other signs. This may be a good warning sign if combined with other issues.

Another sign of infidelity is a partner who begins spending more time at work. It is especially a concern if your partner is always in meetings or his office doesn’t know his whereabouts when you call. It’s highly suspect when you travel to your partner’s workplace after business hours and he or she is not there as stated.

Another clue is a partner who is taking more than the required number of business trips. Be sure to look at the overall view before deciding upon the legitimacy of these business trips. It may not be an issue if your partner has recently been promoted to a position that requires out of town excursions.

You should be observant of other signs of infidelity as well. You may well be confronting an unfaithful partner if these signs connect. Take the time to speak to your partner of your fears that something is wrong in your relationship.

Opening the lines of communication may help to uncover the real reason why your partner’s behavior has changed and serve to strengthen your bonds.

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