Should You Risk Buying a Used Car?

You have the money. And you are ready to buy a car. But the biggest question is always what type of car you have to buy. Car buyers are always faced with two options – the new cars and the used cars option. Used cars are usually the more tempting alternative. It’s way cheaper, for one thing. But should you risk buying this type?

People who don’t know the first thing about cars may end up buying a second-hand car that looks new on the outside. But little they know that the engine of that car is already a worn-down, worthless machine. When buying a used car, the exteriors are less important that what’s inside. Only when you decide to buy newer cars that you can focus on the sleek and shiny form of the car because new cars have impeccable engines guaranteed.

It is still okay to buy a used car if it is not too old. The first thing to check is always the year of manufacture and the mileage of the car. These data would show you whether the car is a good buy or not. A car that has been used for a long time is more likely to have bigger problems than benefits. You should stay clear of those cars as much as you can.

When buying used cars, stick to the newer models. A year or two behind should still be good. These cars are not as old and as used as the ones older. But even so, you should still look at the mileage of the car. Mileage is an important detail you should never miss out.

Newer used cars are also better because these cars are created with higher quality, thanks to today’s improving car technology. These cars are rarely termed ‘used’ even. Manufacturers call them the CPO cars, or Certified Pre-Owned cars. You can even find these cars from certified car dealers themselves. Oftentimes, these cars are sold, bought back, or traded by their first owners for various reasons.

The CPO program had given used car buyers the assurance that they are getting a car that is useful and not more of a headache. In fact, almost 1.2 million vehicles that were sold a year ago were CPO cars. This only proves that savings and convenience this program is supported by the buying public.

New cars depreciate to almost 20% the moment you drive it off the dealer’s parking lot. This means that even if you buy the car shiny new, you can never sell it to another person for the same price, even if you just bought it a few seconds ago. That’s the underlying truth about brand-new cars. And buying used cars, in a way, is beneficial because they don’t have the tendency to depreciate as much.

Wise buyers don’t have to go through the risks of buying used cars. In fact, there are absolutely no risks for them if they choose right. So before you go ahead and purchase the car you want, you must do a little research. Doing so is important so that you’ll go home with a choice vehicle and not a rundown monster.

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