Sheeta Pitta in Ayurveda or Urticaria

It is also known as Sheeta Pitta in Ayurveda, but some people call it ‘Nettle rash’ or ‘Hives’. It is very agonising disease when the patient has eruptions all over the body, there are elevated red patches which may have white margins or in other cases, patches are whitish but circumscribed by red margins. In either stage, pruritis is so severe as the patient is driven to frantic scratching. There is heat, redness, swelling, restlessness, symptoms being aggravated by exposure to cold or heat or even moist winds, perspiration, irritation, though fever is not present.

Latest medical opinion veers round the fact that some sort of allergy is the basic cause which is attributed to allergy to fluctuating volleys of thermic conditions, food articles, like drinks, beer, spices, condiments, fats, vegetables, fruits, milk and its biproducts, fish or meat, oils, scents, odours, chemicals, gases etc. To sum up any thing existing under the sun could cause allergy, with resutlant onset and appearance of urticarial eruptions.

Ayurveda believes either or all the humours, when vitiated could cause urticaria. Some of the known situations are taking cold water beverage after taking exercise, or exposing the body to cold when it is hot, infestation with some parasite, mental excitement etc. But, the most probable cause is when pitta vitiates and kapha­vayu aggravate.

Ayurvedic Treatment Ensure purification of blood, for which a TSP of Haldi (turmeric) may be mixed with a glassful of milk 2-3 times daily. Another well known remedy of yore is gem gairik (Red ochre) ­ 5 grains thrice daily with water/honey, or five grains each of Arogyavardhini Rasa and suta shakhar Ras should be taken, thrice daily with honey. Constipation, if existing, should be removed by taking 1 TSP of Triphala with lukewarm water at night.

Specific Remedies

  • Root Powder of Arni (3 gms) should be taken with 12 gms of pure ghee twice daily.
  • Haridra Khand (4 gms) and Rasa Sindur (80gms) should be taken together with water, thrice daily.
  • For local application, prepare a paste from turmeric, seeds of Chakramarda and Sesame, Kooth, and massage over the affected portions. Once or twice a day.

Intestinal worms are also said to cause urticaria, hence remove the worms, as also constipation. Remember, where there is filth and constipation worms in intestines are bound to hatch and cause urticaria alongwith other complications.

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