Sex With Yeast Infection – 5 Tips That I Recommend

Last 4 years I have been struggling with Yeast Infection I gathered 5 tips that might help you and to see a hope in one day being able to have a normal active sex. People often think that they are the only people in the world struggling with the infection but in fact there are more than 75% of all woman that become infected with Yeast Infection at some period in their life.

In the 4 years when I was dealing with Yeast Infection I found out about 5 things that helped me a lot. 1. Pain Relieving Lotions. After I saw that my symptoms where getting more severe and me and my husband had not been able to make love for more than 2 months. We decided to try out lotions. We soon found out that there was no or little help in that. It was not until we realized about the Emusing secret pain relief lotion when we where able to have sex. But that came with serious side effects as the infection seemed to grow afterwards.

2. Often the best Way is to skip sex. That is not easy, but it is possible. That way you can just focus on finding a cure.

3. Doing it in Warm Water. I personally recommend Hot-tubs and Baths. This seemed to relief the pain. But this was very inconvenient.

4. Tantra Love. This began as an experiment between me and my husband. But soon we found out that this really works and all the sexual intention seemed to fade away. But this requires a lot of work and knowledge on how your own body works.

5. Find a cure for the infection. After 4 years of pain and suffering I found out that creams and chemicals will not permanently solve the problem. If you are interested in finding more effective way I recommend you go and study more natural and healthier treatments. That is what took me 4 years to realize. That way I was able to eliminate the symptoms.

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