Quick Guide for Promotion a New Web Site

Ah, you’re new Web site is now complete and ready for action. As you sit there marveling at it’s new luster, you start to get overwhelmed with thoughts of marketing this new masterpiece.

Today, I will give you my quick-start guide from promoting a brand spanking new Web site out of the box. It’s not meant to be a complete list by any means, but it will get the ball rolling.

First, take a moment and make sure your Web site is ready for the primetime. Don’t be one of these site owners that’s in a rush and takes the “I fix it as I go” method. It will cost you dearly.

Second, you need to get incoming links to your home page and inner pages. My first stop is to the social bookmark scene. Here are some places to go submit your inner pages to:

1. Netscape.com

2. Digg.com

3. Furl.net

4. Reddit.com

5. Del.icio.us

6. Newsvine.com

There are plenty more, but start with these.

Next, write (or have written) one or two articles. It’s best if the article is written on the same topic as your Web site. Take this article and submit it to EzineArticles.com. Make sure you include three links in the author’s section. One link should be to your home page and the other two to inner pages.

Finally, head to your favorite search engine and start looking for topical directories or other places to submit your Web site.

As I said, this isn’t a complete guide, but it’s something to get you started. Be warned, there’s far too much info out there on how to promote a Web site and most of it is pointless. It’s easy for you to lose lots of time.

Don’t forget to keep adding quality content to your Web site when possible.

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