Qualified Leads Lists – How to Convert Your Leads to Sales

Qualified leads are easy to convert to paying customers if you have a system. If you know what your doing your qualified leads can quickly turn into cash but for many marketers this is a difficult task. Many marketers often squander all the hard work put into building leads lists by employing poor lead prospecting practices. If you have 20 qualified leads coming through your system a day and you are not converting or making at least one sale a day then what I am about to share with you is going to explode your sales.

A qualified lead is a potential purchaser who has already articulated an interest in a product or service and meets the general buying criteria. By their sheer definition Qualified Leads Lists are hot property and should generate sales. So why are so many online marketers struggling to win over their leads lists to sales?

The simple truth is a qualified leads list is only valuable if the holder of the list has a proven system to convert the lead to a sale. Without a system hot leads turn cold quickly leaving the marketer swimming in a sea of objections and no thank yous. Converting leads to sales is about relationship management. When prospecting leads your primary aim is to sort the tyre kickers from sincere prospects. The best way to do this is to use the schedule, interview and sign system.

Scheduling is easy if you know how to posture or position yourself. For example when you go for a job interview you never question the interviewer about their professional ability to conduct the interview or produce the type ofoutcomes they may be looking for from you. Presenting yourself as a respected business partner and playing the role of interviewer is a sure fire way to gain the instant respect and trust of the lead.
When prospecting leads try the scheduling system outlined below

Prospecting Leads Step 1. Ring the prospect and in a serious, stern voice, like that of a police officer or taxation agent ask to speak to the lead..

Say “Hello can I speak with John Doe? .

The authority in your voice will automatically set a serious professional tone and make the prospect take notice.

Prospecting Leads Step 2. Once you have the leads attention dont procrastinate, get straight to the point. Remember you are a busy company owner

John Doe, you recently visited my website because you were interested in making some extra money from home, well here’s the situation John Doe,

Prospecting Leads Step 3. Tell the person you are the CEO of your business opportunity and you are currently interviewing a number of people for a few positions you have available and that the persons chosen will be personally working with you to learn how to make a real income online.

Prospecting Leads Step 4. Next ask them if they are interested in being interviewed to see if they qualify for a position. If they are interested schedule an interview time for either later that day or the next day at the latest. If the person is not interested simply thank them for their time and move forward to the next qualified lead.

Prospecting Leads Step 5. The last step of the scheduling process is to inform the prospect of the interview rules. This is also important as it eliminates tyre kickers

Interview Rules
We have scheduled an interview for x date and x time – If I call and the phone is engaged, does not answer or I receive a voice message your opportunity to be interviewed will automatically be cancelled and you will not be considered for this opportunity. Do you understand this.

With all the information completed you are now ready for phase two, the interview. Now is the time to end the conversation and move onto scheduling the next lead. Well done you have just successfully prospected a qualified lead and scheduled an interview.

The real strength of this system is that prospecting leads is made easier as prospects disqualify themselves. Don’t be alarmed if you call and people who you scheduled dont respond, in the long run it saves you a lot of time dealing with people who are going to potentially be strong objectors. More importantly, you also know that the people who do pick up the phone are genuinely interested in the opportunity.

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