Puggle Dog Secrets – House Training Puggles

Puggle dogs are a specifically bred designer dog. A puggle is a cross between a pug and a beagle. They are fun loving and spunky dogs as well as very lovable companions. Puggle dogs are also prone to health problems and emotional problems if they are over bred. For these reasons, sometimes house training your puggle dog can prove difficult.

Puggles can be extremely stubborn during the house training process. The puggle is definitely not the easiest dog to house train – they tend to have a mind of their own at times. Persistence is key when training your puggle dog. Be sure to remember to have some patience and a lot of time available. The house training process will not happen overnight but will more likely be a matter of weeks. It really all depends on your dog and its temperament, so be patient throughout the process.

The puggle dog does not do well with yelling or forceful techniques for house training. Isolating them is also not a good idea, as puggle dogs are extremely social animals and crave and need constant attention and nurturing care. When house training your puggle dog, you will need to use extreme patience and care. Anything less could backfire severely. Rewards and much praise should be the norm when house training your puggle. They are very emotionally sensitive creatures, which should always be remembered. Any major emotional upset can quickly become a house training setback, so be careful how you treat your dog.

The best way to house train a puggle dog is using the crate method. Using this method,your puggle will be confined to the crate except for outside bathroom time. This teaches the dog not to go where he sleeps or lives, and is a very effective house training method. Another big factor in house training is making sure your puggle gets enough exercise and attention. These things will all go far in house training your puggle and make the experience easier for everyone involved.

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