Pro-Life Beliefs

Pro-life movement is a group of persons or people holding the same belief, and that belief holds the sanctity of life. Pro-lifers believe that life is precious and it was given by the Mighty God, and only Him can take away the same life that was granted for you. Well, pro-life beliefs are based on ethics, and what we believe as right and wrong.

They believe that human life is sacred, thus it should be treasured, and should be given importance. Pro-lifers have a lot of objection against issues that concerns the law made by man, processes that destroy the sanctity of life, or even the act of killing with man’s bare hands. Let us see through each of these pro-lifers’ objections.

They are against abortion, or unwanted pregnancy resulting for abortion. They believe that each of us has control with our lives. Whatever the consequence of our actions, we have to face it. An embryo inside a mother’s womb is an angel. They should not suffer from the mother’s recklessness, impulsiveness, and irresponsibility. A woman should know her limits. If by any chance, she neglects it, causing an embryo to be formed, she should be accountable for it and abortion is not a solution.

They believe that another sin is not the solution to correct the first one. Aborting a child directly from the womb is equivalent to killing it with bare hands. Thus, it is a mortal sin in their eyes. Pro-lifers are against euthanasia or merciful killing. This life is full of agony and suffering. Will it make any difference if you suffer on the latter part of your life than you suffer all throughout your life?

It makes no sense to allow a person to die through the advances of technology to hinder further sufferings. They believe that every suffering has its reasons and these reasons are very vague for a human mind to foresee. If we took away the life of the person who is suffering too much on the onset of his/her death, then we are taking away the right to suffering of everyone. It is okay to set an exemption then? It is not. No one is exempted from suffering. There are different kinds of suffering and we should not suppress that right from anyone.

Pro-lifers are against death penalty. Who are we to take out a life that we did not give in the first place? Who are we to judge that a person should be denied of the life to live? Will it be considered a justifiable act if we resort to killing a person and taking his/her life even though we do not have that much to spare for ourselves? The very basic question that we should ask ourselves is whether or not we are given the right to deprive that person to live. In the very first place that person’s life did not come from us.

These are just some of the objections of pro-lifers. They are in every inch vigilant with their beliefs and thoughts. They stick to the ethics. They value life more than an average person does. They are into the impression that we are just products of the life that God has given us and life should not be wasted with human judgment alone.

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