Preparing Children For Effective Writing

Most tests like SAT and ACT now have a separate essay writing section. Even state standard tests have included essay writing. As a result of this, it has become important on the student’s part to be fluent at writing. Obviously, it is the responsibility of teachers and parents to instill in their children a flair for writing.

Though it is easier said than done, teachers and parents can help develop love for writing in children through the following:

Promote reading Variety

Exposing children to varied domains if writing viz. science, arts, literature and history can develop lifelong interest for reading.


Teachers should not force children to develop essay topic sentences out of writing prompts. Children should be given ample time to create meaningful essay topics.

Constructive Feedback

Providing individual feedback to children in a positive manner can motivate them and help them hone their writing skills.

Time Limit

Once a child starts writing on his own, he should be exposed to writing essays within stipulated time frame.

While these are some of the proven ways to develop interest in writing, parents and educators can invent new ways to do the same. It takes time and patience to become a fluent writer. In my personal experience, children who read more often write better. While this is not a rule, parents should motivate their children to read a variety of subjects. Writing is an art. While some are born with this art, others, through persistence and dedication, also develop brilliance in writing. Online tutoring companies should also prepare children for writing.

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