Photo Collage: The 3 Styles

A photo collage is an awesome way of immortalising the photos that mean so much to you. You know that you never want to forget those moments – the ones that really took your breath away – so why not display them for all to see on your wall? With a photo collage you can use all your favourite photos in a very artistic and creative way as an astounding piece of wall art. Here are the three most common styles of collage that you will find with professional canvas printing companies. Some may vary slightly in terms of exact styles, but overall these are the most popular and exciting approaches used commonly by expert designers.

1. Random montage

The random montage is carried out automatically and involves an indiscriminate placing of all your photos in a totally unique way. It creates a random but inventive effect that really brings your photos to life and gets the best out of their colour and energy. This is the cheapest but by no means the least effective collage method. Your photos are placed arbitrarily but this allows all your great snaps to be given pride of place on your wall!

2. Overlap montage

The overlap montage is the most successful and popular style of photo collage because it involves a custom layout by an expert designer who works sympathetically and considerately with your photos for optimum results. The photos overlap in a very original and innovative way – making sure that no subjects or important elements of the photos are left out or covered up. With the overlap montage you can tell a story through your photos by chartering the growth of your children or the development of your relationship. Use your imagination to make the most of your photos.

3. Photoframe montage

The photoframe montage is an interesting style of photo collage whose layout is once again fully customised by a professional designer. Like the overlap montage, there is a slight covering-over onto the photos but the subject and thus the energy and dynamism of each and every one is not lost. The background is a blown-up shot of one of the pictures in the foreground photo collage.

All three of these styles give a very original and creative photo collage – choose whichever one suits your fancy! Choose photos that mean so much to you and display them in a cool and unique way by using a photo collage that really gets the best out of your photography skills!

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