Overcome Inferiority Complex – Take Stock of Who You Are to Overcome Inferiority Complex

If you’ve never taken the time to analyze who you are outside of the opinions of others, now’s the time to start. Here’s where you become acquainted with you, become your best friend and cheerleader and stop the fatal act of self-sabotage.

1) Alone time in self-contemplation

Spending time alone in self-contemplation, exploring who you are is the most important thing you could do to over inferiority complex and build self-esteem. When you know yourself, especially your strengths, you are becoming consciously aware of the hidden gems within you.

2) Be honest with yourself

In this quiet time, it’s okay to be honest with yourself. No one else is around to put your down. So go ahead, be open and honest with yourself. Hiding behind a false image will not help you be prepared when others or circumstances throw a curve ball at you. Look at yourself in full view so you can be strengthened in times of negative feedback.

3) Make a list of your strengths

Okay, now that you’re being honest, grab a pen and paper and write down all your strengths. Even if you have one or two to start with that’s okay. Because as you put thought into this you’ll find that you’ll begin to uncover areas you never looked at before. Remember thoughts have a way of attracting other thoughts to them. You can always add more later on.

4) Make a list of your weaknesses

Now this list may be even longer than your list of strengths, but here’s a trick. After you’ve listed your weaknesses, take each one and find a positive in it. There’s always a flip side to everything. When you’ve found the positive, focus on it and look for ways to strengthen them even more. The point of this is that your ‘perceived’ weakness will now begin to become strong enough to overpower the actual weakness.

5) Go beyond the clouds – see the full sun

There’s more to you than meets the eye. The giant in you may be hidden beneath the negativity of life. When you look within, accept you and allow greatness to emerge from within. Allow the clouds of negative thinking to dissipate so you may see the fullness of the bright sun hidden within you.

You are not a mishap or here by fluke. You are part of a grand intricate tapestry woven together by the Master Designer. Straighten your back, square your shoulders, lift your head and walk in boldness because you are more than you currently think you are.

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