Obeying the Law – Important For Fleet Managers!

Whichever business you may be involved in, the duty of an employer is to be careful about not just the safety but even the health of his or her employees. In fact the employer has to do so thanks to the Corporate Manslaughter Act. While those working face the odds of witnessing some kind of hurt, more so for the ones working in fleet management. They work under difficult and dangerous conditions.

Road accidents are becoming all to common these days. Everyday sees more drivers on the road and more loss of lives. Thus many employers are becoming scared to being caught under the Corporate Manslaughter Act.

If you want to be caught obeying the law and not defying it, there are simple steps that can be taken to prove it. To be found not guilty under the Corporate Manslaughter Act, one should take the right steps towards showing concern for your drivers as well as the public health and safety.

Do not overwork your drivers. Take an account of how many hours they drive each day. Make sure they are not working long hours. They should get enough rest. If they are not rested, the risk of accidents will definitely be very high.

Make use of GPS tracking and fleet management and make observations on the driver. His speed of driving, his brake applications, his acceleration etc. keep an eye on his driving. This will allow fleet managers to be able to assess the drivers and make a profile on them.

You can also put vehicle tracking to good use. This will tell you more about the drivers movements and his style of driving. You can put all the information found on to a file. In case of an accident, his profile and file will come in handy. It might be your rescuer.

Always make sure you test a new drivers skills, use fleet management. This should help you judge their competence behind the wheel. Conduct spot checks, it will be good for you. Keep an eye on mileage as well, vehicle tracking can help you do that.

You can take precautions by setting schedules or vehicle diagnostics to help you manage the conditions of your vehicles. Make sure the HR policy in your company clearly mentions the importance you give to the health and safety of your employees and your grave view on accidents.

Training of drivers is another important aspect of Fleet Management. Teach them how to drive safely and what to do in case of an accident. Give them a code to follow during such situations. Keep testing them on the code often enough so that they will always be aware of it.

It is very important that you check the licenses of all your drivers from time to time. Make sure they have not acquired any points for careless driving. This is indeed important for your company and its safety.

If you are to follow the above instructions carefully, you will find yourself well within the law and protected from any charges under the Corporate Manslaughter Act. Safety measures must always be taken. A wise fleet manager will make use of GPS tracking since it will make his work much easier and more efficient. This indeed will keep you safe in the law.

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