Nintendo Wii – The Five Accessories You Simply MUST Have!

In this article we will show you which five Wii extras you should purchase for more fun!!

The Wii comes to you with just the one Nun-chuk and one Wii controller, so to do anything with your family and friends you will need to purchase extra controllers.

1. Wii Steering Wheel

The Wii Steering wheel is a super fun add-on to the Wii System. The steering wheel means that car driving or racing games feel like they should do, and you are not just controlling the game with one hand.

2. The Wii Sports pack.

The Sports pack has a good range of great controller extra add-ons that will make your games more real to play. They include a baseball bat, a mini tennis grip and a golf club grip. They all attach quickly to the Wii remote. They certainly make the games a lot more realistic, and far more fun.

3. GameCube Controller

To use the built in backward compatibility of the Wii then you will want to purchase the GameCube Controller. They are not expensive, but open up the world of older games to you. There is also a cordless wireless WaveBird controller that means completely wire-free gaming! Great stuff.

4. Controller Docking Station.

To save yourself a fortune in batteries for these controllers, then the docking station should be thought of as an essential purchase. You can save by using rechargeable batteries instead of constantly having to purchase new batteries.

5. Lastly…I love guitar hero

I know this is supposed to be about controllers, but guitar hero and Rock band are in my opinion absolutely super fun, and have to be the best game out at the moment.

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