Mailboxes and Posts – What Is Postal Mail For?

We may be unaware about it but postal system dates back nearly to the invention of writing; in places like Persia, India, China, Rome, Mongol Empire in which written documents are carried by intermediaries from one person or place to another. The Postal System has come a long way. Although today, with the emergence of faster emails, postal mail is now referred to as “snail mail” or “white mail”. Postal mail is still widely in use for business due to transmission of things that cannot be done by the computer. But for some people, writing letters by mails to other people may become a thing of the past.

As we normally know, mails or posts are paid by the sender, either by stamps or by postage meters. It doesn’t really cost much, unless it’s bulky. But some people today prefer other modern alternatives to mailing posts for some reasons that may well be acceptable for you. With posts, some people are concerned about unknown and unfamiliar people learning their address written on the envelope. They also sometimes worry about their mailboxes being vandalized. Sometimes posts don’t come on time for bad weather reasons. There are also times that postal carriers refuse to deliver posts due to other inconveniences or dangers along the way. Lastly, some people now choose online transactions to avoid piles of papers and envelopes on their desks to sort out and throw.

What would you prefer? Posts maybe slow but it can never be replaced by a faster email with its personal touch and thoughtfulness. There is always something special and rather loving about receiving a post from someone. Obviously, in business, there are things that a computer cannot do for it, like the sending of packages and of particulars requiring legal signatures. Sometimes also, it’s for etiquette.

There are also some people who prefer posts over other alternatives for stamp collecting. In some cases, when demand is greater than supply, a stamp’s commercial value on a certain market may be bigger than its face value even if it’s already used. Some people also prefer posts for postcards that show scenic pictures of places or beautiful pictures of things that you may have not seen before. With a message from the sender, it can really be interesting. Lastly, for some people, they prefer writing mails to announce special events. As for me, I would rather receive invitations of special events by mail as it would mean even more special and personal.

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