Looking For Drug Free Hair Loss Treatment

If you are looking for an alternative hair loss treatment use should know there are many different reasons why we start to lose our hair. It can be slow or fast. I will firstly outline some of the causes of hair loss and baldness and then cover some of the solutions that are available.

By far the biggest causes are hormone related. Androgens and estrogens if not in balance will cause hair loss. An under or over active thyroid gland can cause your hair to fall out. Also pregnant women notice that their hair thickens up during pregnancy as they have high levels of the hormones which cause the body to hold on to hair that would normally fall out. After the baby is born this hair then falls out and the cycle returns to normal.

Certain medicines can cause hair loss, as can certain types of bacterial or fungal infection. Hair loss can also be attributed to an underlying disease such as diabetes or lupus.

Treatments for hair loss and baldness can vary. If your hair loss is connected to an illness or a medicine you are taking, then your doctor should be able to either change the medication or treat the illness so that this particular side effect is stopped.

You can also ask for a referral to an Endocrinologist, which is a hormone specialist, who will assess whether your condition is hormone related and can be treated or reversed by correcting the apparent hormone imbalance.

Male pattern alopecia in women is generally due to an imbalance of androgens or male hormones and even though male baldness in men is inherited, some believe that an imbalance of the male androgens may attribute to it.

Some over the counter treatments involve the application of topical fluids to the thinning areas and it is believed that this will slow down or stop the thinning process.

There is a prescription drug called Propecia available for men which has an anti androgenic effect and may reverse the hair falling out, however, it can cause other side effects such as lowering of sexual desire.

Men who start losing their hair at an early age normally have the most extensive balding and is quite often the hardest to stop.

Of course if all these approaches do not work, then there are hair pieces, wigs and of course surgical implants which, over a period of time, can restore a full head of hair. This particular course of treatment however, can become very expensive if a large part of the scalp is being treated. So that is why there are drug free hair loss treatment available from the alternative hair loss treatment market, but some are more effective than others so choose wisely for better results.

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