Little Known Facts – Self Hosted Websites

A website has been a common platform for any business to penetrate an industry nowadays. With the existence of internet business now can go into globalization easily and sell products worldwide. However for those who has no prior internet experience, internet business seems to be an alien language to you. Perhaps the very basic thing you need is a website and to have a website you need a web hosting to host it. Here is where different web hosting plans come in.

Out of so many types, shared hosting appears to be the most popular and most economical hosting of all. Shared hosting as the name says, it shares the physical hosting with other subscribers. There are more than one website place in a single server. However that does not bother the performance of your website. In fact with shared hosting you can have your personal domain and have access to your files, information and email accounts. Features are comprehensive in shared hosting too. So all you have to do is to use a reliable shared hosting to host your website.

With a shared hosting, you will also be entitled to have a certain amount of bandwidth in your account. Bandwidth is very important for the reliability of your website. It supports the amount of data that is transferable in and out of your website. Cheap hosting usually provides little or no bandwidth, therefore, not giving you the peace of mind knowing that your website might go down any time. ( A website down when there are over usage on bandwidth and that causes your server to respond slow or no response at all)

The point is, if you are looking forward for a quality website with video, audio and images, a cheap hosting package is something that you should try to stay away from. They just simply can’t support the amount of data that is needed for your website. There will be issues with bandwidth, storage space, reliability and so on. After all what you pay is what you get. There is no free lunch in the world. Therefore, for a serious owner, a company should filter away those hosting who promise a lot yet the price is incredibly cheap. Be smart and do a web hosting price comparison before proceeding.

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