Laser Hair Removal Information – What to Expect at Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

You may be nervous about your very first laser hair removal procedure and this is normal. If you have prepared carefully, selected a well qualified laser technician, nurse or physician and followed instructions then take it easy and relax. Though there are risks involved with this technique, if you have done your homework, you greatly lower the chances of any laser removal side effects. Thousands of people undergo laser hair removal successfully every year.

When you initially set up your treatment and are given laser hair removal information, you will share your medical background. If anything is different at your appointment time, make sure the staff is aware of any changes. If you have started taken any medication, prescription or non prescription or are having any other issues bring them up now. Keep in mind that if you were out in the sun and got a tan or used a tanning booth recently, you will likely have to delay the procedure due to the way the laser interacts with the skin. You should also avoid plucking or waxing prior to the session as the laser needs to find the dark hair to work on.

In the office you will need to remove clothing from the area that is going to be worked on. The skin should be free of any products including deodorant, make up, cream, perfumes and any cosmetics. The chemicals in these products can react with the laser so it is important that this area is clean. The area will be cleansed and prepared at the office where the procedure is going to be performed.

Because lasers emit light that are extremely bright and can be damaging, you and the practitioner will need to wear laser safety eyewear. These filter the rays providing protection and visibility.

During your initial laser hair removal information session you were most likely given a patch test. This test determines the energy level the laser will emit to successfully treat your hair. This will vary from one person to another. The laser will be set at this level for the treatment period.

The light will flash from the laser and be absorbed into the dark hair follicles. It is a quick flash and directed to the targeted area. Carefully controlled it will not affect any area except the one it is working on.

Many people describe the sensation of the laser as equivalent to being snapped with a rubber band. But in truth the pain will depend on your skin sensitivity and tolerance. Topical pain relief gels and creams are used to alleviate this issue.

The length of time of your laser hair removal procedure will vary from minutes to several hours. It will depend on the size of the area to be treated, amount of hair and more. Most people need a number of sessions which again will depend on the area to be treated, hair type and more. This will be discussed at your initial hair removal information session.

After the treatment you can expect some redness and possible discomfort but this will go away. If you have other issues such as major pain or blistering you should call the treatment center.

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