Kenra Hair Care Products – The Industry Leader in Awesome Hair Care

For years I searched long and hard to find the best products for my personal hair care regimen. To be honest, I like to look good. I pamper myself with things that make me look as nice as possible. I feel that any one who respects herself must make an attempt at making a good impression no matter what the circumstance and a huge aspect of that has to do with our physical appearance. First impressions are lasting ones. If you look good, you feel good and that can be seen a mile away. I am not trying to say that I am some supermodel or exercise junkie.

I am not and I do not workout. It is my belief that everyone can be beautiful and the beauty that we all have can be brought to light with just a little TLC. One of my main focuses when it comes to my own self-directed TLC tactics is Hair Care. I love to take good care of my hair. I go to the salon once every 3 to 4 weeks and I wash my hair on a regular basis, nothing more than the average Joanne. I do not spend countless hours in the shower but I do like to get the most out of my bathing routine. I am not high maintenance but I like to look as if I were. This is why I have fallen head over heals in love with Kenra Hair Products. I found them after a long quest and I will never waiver from their products.

With its expansive product offering, which is split between their Kenra Classic line and their Kenra Platinum Color Care Line, you will find the most suitable mix of products that will have you hair looking better than ever. So, just to share a little bit about Kenra and what they provide for us, the users, here you are.

Kenra has been around for a long, long time as they were founded in 1929. After 30 years, a barber named Henry J. Meyers acquired the company and ran it as a family business. It continues to be a family business that is committed to creating hair care products for the professional market that are unmatched in quality and results.

Kenra Hair Products offer incredible results aimed at improving the quality of the look that you are looking to achieve. With the ever changing fashion trends in hair, the wants and needs of stylists and their clients similarly change. Kenra’s chemist are constantly striving to stay ahead of the hair fashion curve, staying on constant communication with salons, consulting them and gathering information that helps them to create the latest and greatest shampoos, conditioners, styling products and finishing sprays using only the best quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

In order to ensure that the products that they manufacture are of the quality and caliber that they promise, Kenra manufactures all of their products in-house employing strict quality control measures with the goal of producing products that meet the highest standards with each bottle they create.

Kenra has been recognized as one of the 5 fastest growing professional salon hair care product brands. This achievement is in direct relation to their commitment to the professional salon industry. They support their customers by working hard to make sure that they are the sole channel through which end users can purchase the products.

What sets Kenra apart in my opinion besides the incredible results that their products afford us is their undying commitment to the support of social issues that affect our daily lives. They take community service very seriously. Kenra has worked in conjunction with their top salons to provide human hair wigs to children with cancer who have lost their hair through chemotherapy. On top of this, they are the largest monetary supporter to “City of Hope”, an organization that is dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer through research, having accumulated over $100K in donations through the sale of their most popular product, “Kenra Classic Volume Spray”, the proceeds of which are donated in part to this worthy cause.

Being that I love to take care of my hair, I would never dream of using anything else. Kenra is all you will ever need to keep your hair looking and feeling as good as it can.

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