Is it Possible For You to Beat a DUI Without a Lawyer?

Do you want to go to court and fight your recent drinking and driving arrest, but you do not want to hire an attorney to help you? What are the real chances that you can beat a DUI without a lawyer? There are many things that could happen if you do not have an attorney and you need to know what you could be facing.

In most areas if you go to court to fight your DUI and you do not hire someone to help you it could mean that you will get much closer to the maximum penalties. This could mean a few months in jail, a year or more of a license suspension, and many fines that go along with your jail time and your suspended license.

So, is it possible that you could beat a DUI without a lawyer? Some have so it is possible, but it is much more difficult if you do not know what you are getting yourself into. There is a great online guide that you can get for a very cheap price that has a lot of tricks in it that have been used to get others out of drinking and driving offenses.

The main thing is that if you are not smart enough to go to court with a lawyer to fight your DUI chances are you will not get out of it. Those that go to court for this type of an offense without a lawyer usually end up spending more time in jail and they usually end up with harsher penalties.

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