How to Make Any Woman Want You Desperately – Using "Black Ops" Female Psychology Tactics

Here comes the age-old question: what do women want? It’s surprising how modern men can’t seem to grasp the profound truth that women keep in secret vaults. Women want to connect with men emotionally and physically, in that order.

I think the problem is not in the knowing but in the doing. You see, if making women fall in love was easy, men wouldn’t be waiting for an answer to their dating problems. Today, I’m going to let you in on a little secret about female psychological cues. There are certain things that men can do to make women want them so badly, and the skills are not difficult to learn.

Here are 3 “Classified” Psychological Methods to Generate Attraction in Women

1: Increase Mystification. Being more mysterious will make you seem untouchable, until you let her see different sides of you that contribute to the whole.

This seduction method is a no-brainer, but it takes a certain amount of manipulation to achieve. You’re giving the woman a few puzzle pieces at a time until she’s too hooked on wanting to complete the whole puzzle to resist you. If you’re too difficult to read, she won’t turn away. She will stay with you until she finds out what you’re all about.

2. Lead the Way. Before she can decode the mysterious signals you give out, lead the way to a better location where she will get to know you better.

Taking the initiative to be the leader of your small pack will put her in the role of the follower. What men don’t realize is women will only take the lead if the men seem to weak to do so. Women would rather be followers of Alpha males, and they actually resent having to tell men what to do.

3: Mesmerize Her Subtly. A cunning guy will do more than recognize the signs of attraction, he will generate attraction by using a woman’s psychological cues.

The key to mesmerizing women using words is to slowly get under her skin. Make her emotional by making her feel different emotions at any given time. The perfect technique for hypnotizing women and making them do your bidding is called fractionation. A woman under the spell of a guy who has learned the secret is usually compliant to his requests.

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