How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus Effectively

Determining exactly what is safe and effective has been a stumbling block when figuring out how to get rid of toenail fungus. There are many proactive measures to keep bacteria and disease at bay, yet many individuals are still uninformed in practical habits.

The principal lesson in understanding how to get rid of toenail fungus is being aware that moist warm environments are breeding grounds for many types of fungus to grow. This includes bathrooms and showers. We most often associate bacteria with public places, such as a gym or public swimming pools; however, bacteria can grow right in our own homes.

When bacteria is introduced to moist feet and then stuffed into shoes or socks, the perfect environment is created for toenail fungus to settle in and spread. And once fungus develops, it is easily transmitted by a damp bath mat or wet floors.

How to get rid of toenail fungus quickly

One of the most effective treatments to eliminate fungus is to create an all natural regime. Many commercial products contain a gazillion chemicals that can slow down the healing progress or do nothing at all. You’d be surprised at the all natural alternative remedies and how quickly your problems disappear.

• Keep your feet clean by washing at least twice a day. Scrub feet and toes with a brush to remove dead skin cells when you shower. Pay special attention to your toenails, brushing underneath them as best as you can.

• Twice per week, cleanse the feet with ΒΌ cup of fresh lemon juice. Lemons contain natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which naturally slough off dead skin cells, making way for new cell growth.

• Invest in a small bottle of Tea Tree Oil; it is a natural antibacterial that eliminates fungus effectively. Place five drops of tea tree oil into water and soak your feet for 10 minutes.

• Keep your feet dry. Allow feet to thoroughly dry for at least 10 minutes after a shower and before placing in socks or shoes.

• Wear clean, all-cotton socks. Change them a few times per day until your toenail fungus clears up. You’ll also want to make sure you wash your socks in hot water and thoroughly dry to ensure you kill off any
fungal properties lingering behind.

• When attending a public place where people walk barefoot, wear shower shoes to prevent any infections.

Learning how to get rid of toenail fungus with OTC products

Natural treatments are still considered “suspect” even though research has proven natural remedies help heal the body quicker. However, conventional therapies for toenail fungus include using an over the counter preparation that contains clotrimazole, known as Lotrimin or Lamisil spray or cream.

These items contain a blend of anti-fungal compounds.
Individuals can suffer allergic effects from using OTC products including skin rashes and blisters, stinging, swelling and the toenail fungus can become a bigger problem.

If the fungus continues to grow and thrive, the infection will become severe, leading to prescription medicines and may doctor appointments.

When deciding how to get rid of toenail fungus quickly and effectively, choose a remedy that will best serve your overall needs and return you back to enjoying everyday activities.

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