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If you want to get rid of the big purple colored “Bing Chat” bubble icon showing on Microsoft Edge toolbar, this article will help you. We’ll discuss various methods to disable or remove the Bing Chat (Discover) button from Edge toolbar.

When Microsoft released Edge 111 version to public, people were surprised to see a large “Bing Chat” button (also known as Bing Discover button) added to the top-right corner of the main toolbar. This new purple colored button displays the official Bing search logo inside a chat bubble icon.

Following screenshot shows the new “Bing Chat” icon or Discover button added to Microsoft Edge toolbar:


This new icon is referred as “Bing Chat“, “Discover” or “Discover Bing” names. The Bing button displays below the Close button of title bar. It’s a part of Edge Copilot program which has been developed to allow Edge users accessing the new AI-powered Bing chatbot functionality right from the browser.

Many Edge users didn’t like this change as they were accidentally clicking on the Bing Chat button while trying to access the main Settings (3-dots) button of Edge. In older versions of Edge, the 3-dots Main Menu icon used to appear on the same place and now the Bing button has taken its position, so people might click on the Bing button accidentally.

Also many Edge users didn’t like this extra button addition to the toolbar. People who prefer to have a clean and minimal user interface, started complaining about this annoying Bing icon.

Fortunately, there are a few solutions to disable or remove the Bing Chat button permanently from Microsoft Edge toolbar.

Following screenshot shows Bing Chat button removed from the toolbar in Microsoft Edge 111 and later versions:


If you also want to remove Bing Chat (Discover) button or icon from Microsoft Edge toolbar, following methods will help you:

METHOD 1: Remove Bing Chat Button Using Edge Settings Page

Microsoft provides a built-in option in Edge Settings page to delete the Bing Chat icon easily and quickly using a single mouse-click.

If you also want to disable or remove Bing Chat icon in Microsoft Edge, following steps will help you:

1. Click on the main 3-dots menu button present at the right-side of the toolbar in Edge and select Settings option from the main menu. Now click on Sidebar tab or section present in left-side pane.


You can also directly open Sidebar Settings page using edge://settings/sidebar URL in address bar.

2. In right-side pane, look for App and notification settings section. Under App specific settings section, click on Bing Chat (newer Edge versions) or Discover (older Edge versions) option.


3. Now you can easily remove or hide the Bing Chat toolbar button by setting “Show Bing Chat” (newer Edge versions) or “Show Discover” (older Edge versions) toggle option to OFF.

As soon as you disable the toggle option, it’ll immediately remove the Bing Chat icon or button from Edge toolbar as shown in following screenshot:


That’s it. Enjoy the clutter-free Edge browser.

METHOD 2: Remove Bing Chat Button Using Command-Line Parameter

This solution works when you launch Edge browser using a customized shortcut placed on Desktop, Start Menu or Taskbar.

1. Right-click on Microsoft Edge shortcut present on Desktop and select Properties option. If Microsoft Edge shortcut is pinned to Taskbar, right-click on it and again right-click on Microsoft Edge option present on the jumplist and select Properties option.

If you launch Microsoft Edge from Start Menu, copy and paste following string in RUN dialog box and press Enter key:

%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

It’ll open Programs folder in File Explorer which contains Microsoft Edge shortcut. Right-click on it and select Properties option.

2. Once you open Microsoft Edge properties box, append following string at the end of the text string present in Target field:


Remember there must be a blank space between existing text string and the appended string.


3. Apply the changes and launch Microsoft Edge using the shortcut.

4. You might still see the Bing button on Edge toolbar. It happens because Edge keeps running in the background because of its built-in “Startup Boost” feature and the parameter doesn’t work.

We’ll need to disable Startup Boost feature to make the parameter working.

Open Microsoft Edge Settings and click on System tab in left sidebar and in right-side pane, you’ll see Startup Boost option. To stop Microsoft Edge from always running in memory, disable i.e. set the Startup Boost option to OFF.

Also disable “Continue running background extensions and apps when Microsoft Edge is closed” option.


More Details: Disable Startup Boost Feature in Microsoft Edge Web Browser

Now close Microsoft Edge browser window and open it again using the customized shortcut and the Bing icon will disappear forever from the toolbar.

In future, if you decide to restore Bing icon on Edge toolbar, delete the custom parameter from Microsoft Edge shortcut.

NOTE: If you are already using another “–disable-features” or “–enable-features” parameter in Microsoft Edge shortcut, following article will help you in using more than one “–disable-features” or “–enable-features” parameter in Edge’s properties:

[Tip] How to Use Multiple “–Disable-Features” Parameters in Chrome and Edge Shortcut

METHOD 3: Disable Bing Chat Button Using Registry Editor Policy

This method will completely remove Bing chat button as well as Sidebar feature from Microsoft Edge.

1. Press “WIN+R” key combination to launch RUN dialog box then type regedit and press Enter. It’ll open Registry Editor.

2. Now go to any of following keys:

If you want to remove the Bing toolbar button for all Windows users:


If you want to remove the Bing toolbar button for current user only:


3. Under Microsoft key, create a new key and set its name to Edge

4. Now select Edge key and in right-side pane, right-click and select “New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value” option. Set the new DWORD name as HubsSidebarEnabled

Leave the value of the DWORD to 0


Now restart Edge browser and the Bing toolbar button will be gone.

PS: In future, if you decide to restore the Bing button on Edge toolbar, delete the above mentioned DWORD from Registry.

NOTE: After applying the above mentioned policy or registry tweak, you may notice “Your browser is managed by your organization” message showing on Settings page and main Menu in Microsoft Edge browser. Don’t worry! It happens when you implement a policy in the web browser. You can safely ignore the message.

Following article provides more details about this message:

[Fix] Your Browser is Managed by Your Organization Message in Microsoft Edge

Ready-Made Registry Script to Automatically Remove Bing Toolbar Button

If you don’t want to modify registry yourself, we have created ready-made Registry script file for you to apply the required Registry tweak automatically.

Download following ZIP file, extract it using 7-Zip or other file archive utilities and run the extracted REG file:

The script file will ask for confirmation, accept it.

After applying the Registry script, restart Edge and the Bing toolbar button will not appear again.

The ZIP file also contains UNDO file to restore the Bing toolbar button.

How-to Video of Removing Bing Chat Discover Button from Edge Toolbar

Following exclusive video shows all the required steps to get rid of Bing Chat button from Microsoft Edge toolbar live in action for your convenience:

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