How Bugs Bunny Helps Me Design Rooms and Can Help You!

When I was a child I was a huge Bugs Bunny fan. The clever rabbit was (um, still is??) very cool, calm, and collected and had a great question when he viewed turmoil around him. The question: what’s up Doc?

It was the question that he often asked in funny episodes with Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, Donald Duck, Elmer Fudd, and Marvin the Martian (hmmm, do these names bring back memories?).

Okay – so what on earth does this have to do with decorating? Bugs Bunny’s question ‘ignites’ the creative process, but instead of asking ‘What’s up Doc?’, we can ask ‘What else Doc’?

I have incorporated Bugs (yes, we are on 1st name basis) calm attitude with the question that always inspires a creative answer.

I look at rooms that may be a bit chaotic looking (or bland), and ask myself ‘What else Doc?’ What else can we fit perfectly into this room that would make my clients find the room ..

o more enjoyable,

o more relaxed, or

o more productive.

The ‘What else Doc?’ question inspires me and can inspire YOU to think outside of the box. This article is to get you thinking about what else you can incorporate into your home, and below are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

Living room ….What else doc?

Besides the standard design of sofa and coffee table, perhaps you can incorporate a side table that you can use as your designated game table. Maybe you can store games underneath, leave a puzzle partially completed on the table, or even start a chess game that you are not worried about picking up the pieces or rushing through the game to finish because you can leave on your designated ‘game table’

Bedroom … What else Doc?

Perhaps you can fit a comfy chair that turns a corner of your bedroom into your special cozy reading area.

Bathroom … What else Doc?

Perhaps you can add ottoman storage where you can keep spa supplies (like foot massager, lotions, etc.). Having the items accessible will inspire you to use it more and treat yourself more often at home, instead of having the items stored in a closet where you have to get a ladder to reach. If your bathroom is too small to add a seat with storage, then perhaps you can add a storage hook-on system into your tub walls to give you easy access to your ‘spa supplies’.

Kitchen … What else Doc?

Perhaps you can organize your stemware and dishware in a way that can give you more room that you thought you even had. Then you can use that additional space to store cookbooks and regular books (yes, even the romance steamy novelty books).

I had a project once in which the main focus was to design a large living room. As soon as you walk into the apartment you entered the living room, and it was connected to the kitchen (a galley way style) which lead to the bedrooms and bathrooms. So, where on earth was the dining room? There was no designated nook for it – well, not until I surprised my client with a design that incorporated a designated dining area. I still remember how her eyes light up when she saw the design realizing that she could have an elegant dining area after all.

So, I ask you. What else Doc? Are there rooms in your home that you can use for more than one purpose?

I’ll be happy to take a peek at your rooms with our most economical with our Quick Room Analyzer.

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