Home Treatments For Head Lice

What is “Pediculosis” and how do you treat it with Home Treatments?

Head Lice is another name for “Pediculosis;” a type of annoying hair infestation involving a small gray or brown, wingless, six legged parasite with tiny claws that lives on human scalps and feeds on human blood in order to survive.

Most children under the age of twelve get lice while at preschool or elementary school. If an infested child comes in contact with another child’s hair, clothing, hat or scarf, then parasites might get into the new hosts hair and scalp, and so cross-contamination is very widespread.

Although head lice are not life threatening, if a child in a class gets them, they have to stay home until they are completely free of lice. Treatment usually takes up to a week or so and requires patience and perseverance.

The symptoms of having lice are persistent itching on the scalp, around the back of the neck and ears, and sometimes there are no symptoms at all. Head lice thrive on clean hair and so they are not necessarily caused by poor personal hygiene.

A “Nit” is another name for lice eggs which are white or yellowish in color and oval shaped. They are usually attached to the hair shaft; they do not crumble under the finger and cannot be blown or shaken off, unlike dandruff.

Getting rid of lice requires using harsh chemical shampoos called “Pediculicides” and some of the over the counter brands called “Clear”, “Pronto” and “Nix”, but they all contain either “Pyrethrin” or “Permethrin,” and both are chemicals which kill the lice and the “nits”.

Another way to get rid of those critters is to use a home treatment for head lice. You can make up your own effective hair lice shampoo using natural herbs and ingredients.

There is a great home recipe containing essential oils like, rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus as well as other oils and ingredients, which will help desperate moms and dads to treat lice at home very efficiently.

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