Help Your Boys Learn Sewing Skills

Boys should learn sewing skills for many reasons. The enjoyable projects are not only for girls. A boy from the age of 9 to 12 should have the fine motor skills needed to cut fabric, thread a needle and sew two pieces of fabric together. Practice makes perfect, as they say. Sewing gets easier and straighter as time goes by.

When one is starting at the beginning, a little safety instruction is a critical idea. Needles and scissors are very sharp instruments. That need to be protected from damage, too. Consequently, a lesson concerning putting away the implements in the right spot is a great idea. If there are smaller children in the house, the older boy may need reminding to set articles so they can’t reach them.

A simple boys sewing projects to make is the treasure stick bag. Your child might like going outside and looking for a little stick which is appropriate for the project. Or the 2 of you can hunt for the stick while taking a walk together.

The stick will be used to carry a satchel which can be hung on a wall. The satchel can be used for storing trinkets, badges, stones or any number of little things.

The sack is usually sewn from felt, at least four and a half inches by eleven inches in length and width. Perhaps your son would like to make a larger bag, he may require a larger stick. Fold the felt to create a pouch with a flap.

A whip stitch is used to stitch the sides and create the pouch. The stick is stitched on, above the bag at the place the flap will fold over and using a whip stitch as before, stitch around the stick and fold. A piece of yarn can be attached on the end of the stick to let it hang on the wall. The yarn could be decorated with beads. Also the pouch front could also be decorated if your son would like.

Sewing pillow slips is yet another of the beginning boys sewing projects. Your child could accompany you to the fabric shop to select a material that he would like. This should be simple enough for you to teach him how to make the seams to stitch together the sides that will become the pillowcase.

Children enjoy creating lap desks, cases for pencils, and many other articles as they learn sewing. These are wonderful abilities that could develop into a hobby that will last a lifetime.

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