Great Sex Starts With Kissing, Spice It Up

If you’ve been together with your partner for a very long time, kissing might have turned into a mindless routine that you no longer appreciate. What once gave you butterflies in your stomach might have turned into something that you do every single day, devoid of meaning and excitement. What most people do not know is that there different ways to spice up the simple act of kissing your lover. They usually come in the form of a kissing game that mixes anticipation of the kiss with the excitement of finally getting one. Playing a kissing game will never fail to add spice to any make-out session. With the right attitude, you and your lover will enjoy kissing more than you have probably enjoyed them before.

Red Light, Green Light

This is a kissing game that you and your partner can play during boring long trips. When you come to an intersection and hit a red light, you should start the car and make out. You will only stop once the light turns green again. Whoever sees the light change should say “Green light” to temporarily end the kissing. Points are awarded to the one who sees the light change the most number of times.

Body and Ice

Get an ice cube and place it in your mouth. Make sure that you have it firmly grasped between your teeth. You should then run the ice cube down your partner’s body without losing the ice cube. After going through the rest of your partner with the cold ice, make your way towards his mouth. Place the ice cube between his teeth. He will then do the same thing to you. Whoever has the cube when it starts to melt and lose its shape loses the game.

Hot Like Fire

Both of you should place an ice cube inside your mouth. Place them near the cheek area before going on to kiss each other. The goal of the game is to melt the ice cube in your mouth as fast as possible. Whoever melts the ice cube first, while going on with the kiss, wins. This could be challenging because there is a big possibility that both of you will forget about the ice and go one kissing each other, instead.

Two Minutes of Temptation

This is a fun kissing game that you can use for a party. Do this only when all of your friends are single, in order to avoid complications. Find an equal number of male and female participants. Gather the girls in a common area while the guys go one to hide in the different rooms of the house. After all of the males have hidden, give the girls one handkerchief each and tell them to pick a room. Without knowing who is inside it, the girl should tie the handkerchief around the door knob of her chosen room as a sign to keep others out. This could be exciting for both the males and the females because they do not know who will pick which room.

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