Fujitsu PDS6101 60-inch Plasma Flat Screen TV – Leading The Way In The 60-inch Segment

Claiming to be the ultimate can be a bit presumptuous. But when you are known to be an innovator it is hard not to say that you are the ultimate. Coming out with the first color 42-inch plasma TV in 1996 and producing the first high-definition plasma display in 1999 has made Fujitsu a permanent fixture in the top spots of the plasma TV hierarchy. When it comes to plasma TV, the Fujitsu plasma TV is leading the way, especially in the 60-inch segment.

The Fujitsu PDS6101 60-inch plasma flat screen TV is one of the many Fujitsu plasma flat televisions that has led the way for other plasma TV manufacturers. It defines what many people are looking for in a plasma TV, picture quality and striking good looks.

This 60-inch Plasmavision SlimScreen wonder has a contrast ratio of 700:1 allowing for fine definitions between dark and light and has a brightness of 600 cd/m2 which makes it great for different indoor and outdoor applications even at extreme brightness.

Incorporating various features, the Fujitsu PDS6101 60-inch plasma flat screen TV utilizes Fujitsu’s AVM or Advanced Video Movement digital video processor that gets rid of flicker and motion artifacts, reproduces natural movements and improves vertical resolution. A processor to achieve optimum output also enhances DVD and HDTV signals.

The Fujitsu PDS6101 60-inch plasma flat screen TV has comprehensive convergence to allow compatibility for various video sources. Combining quality and beauty, this is a plasma TV that has a proud heritage which you can now be a part of.

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