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UPDATE: Notepad++ 8.6 version is available for download. It comes with new features and bug fixes mentioned below in this article.

A new stable version of popular source code and text editor utility Notepad++ has been released for Windows. It includes bug fixes and several enhancements.

What is Notepad++?

Notepad++ (also referred as Notepad Plus Plus) is one of the best and most popular text editing software developed by Don Ho. If you are learning a programming language or want to write a program, Notepad++ is an excellent source code editing software for you.

Notepad++ is also known as the best Notepad replacement program for Windows. Long time back when we posted an article to list best text editors and Notepad alternatives, we mentioned Notepad++ at the top of the list:

Best Free Text Editors and Alternatives to Notepad

Notepad++ also supports syntax highlighting and folding which makes program code writing a lot easier. Personally I love its macro recording feature. If you need to perform a particular action on multiple lines in a file, you can record a macro containing all those steps and then run the macro. It’ll automatically apply those actions on all lines. You can also save macros to run in different files.

What’s New in Notepad++ Latest Version

The new version of Notepad++ comes with following changes and enhancements:

  • New Multi-edit feature.
  • Made multi-select background & caret colors customizable.
  • Made session inaccessible files remembered (empty & read-only document as placeholder).
  • Fixed missing session invalid error for user session & enhance API NPPM_GETNBSESSIONFILES.
  • Fixed network shared files saving regression.
  • Updated Scintilla to v5.3.8 & Lexilla to v5.2.8.
  • Fixed docking panel crash due to messing up config.xml.
  • Fixed invalid styler.xml making Notepad++ crash issue.
  • Fixed tab-closing crash by middle mouse button (unexpected mouse position).
  • Fixed 2 performance issues in Style Configurator.
  • Add 3 line operation (delete, copy & cut) shortcuts.
  • Display extra info in the status bar of Find/Replace dialog to avoid PEBKAC.
  • Fixed “Hide lines” command hiding not selected lines issue.
  • Fixed silent installer mode when Notepad++ is running issue.
  • Fixed Updater vulnerability (update cURL in WinGUp for fixing CVE-2023-38545).
  • Fixed incoherent behavior of “Duplicate Current Line” menu command.
  • Fixed JSON5 not using JSON keywords.
  • Fixed empty message showing while cancelling session file saving dialog.

Download Links of Notepad++ Latest Version

Notepad++ can be downloaded for both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows operating system.

You can download it using following link:

Download Notepad++

Notepad++ is also available in portable version which doesn’t need installation and can be used in any device.

Hidden Secret Easter Egg Space Invaders in Notepad++

Here is a fun fact about Notepad++. Apart from the usual fixes, the new versions of Notepad++ also come with a hidden secret Easter egg as shown in following image:


Notepad++ comes with a secret “Space Invaders” Easter egg which can be revealed by following a few simple steps.

If you are also using Notepad++ and want to enjoy the new Easter egg, check out following steps:

1. Launch Notepad++ and type Space Invaders in a new text file.

2. Now select the Space Invaders text. You can press Ctrl+A keys together to quickly select it.

3. After selecting the text press F1 key on your keyboard.

That’s it. As soon as you press the F1 key, it’ll launch a new tab and the software will start typing “WE COME IN PEACE” sentence in the new text file.

NOTE 1: Some laptops and keyboards come with an extra function “Fn” key which is needed to be pressed while pressing the other function keys like F1, F2, etc. So if pressing F1 key doesn’t reveal the Easter egg for you, try to press Fn+F1 keys together to reveal the Easter egg.

NOTE 2: Instead of pressing the F1 key, you can also click on “?” sign given at the end of the Menu bar and then click on “About Notepad++” option. It’ll also work in revealing the Easter egg.

PS: Following exclusive video shows this hidden secret Easter egg live in action:

Also check out following interesting Easter eggs present in other software:

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