Erasing Bad Leadership with Organizational Values – Nu Leadership Series

” Too many leaders act as if the sheep… their people… are there for the benefit of the shepherd, not that the shepherd has responsibility for the sheep.”
Ken Blanchard

How does a leader deal with a core value dilemma? Recently, I was shopping for a new health club. In one health club, I met an associate manager. He discussed my membership options. I wanted a non-contract membership. The associate manager provided me with another deal with great price (off of the official record). I turned it down and left.

Later, I went back and met with the senior manager. I eventually joined this club. However, I found out later that this senior manager had purposely used the wrong security number in my contract. This was for my good. The manager thought he was helping his members, but he was also setting a bad example for his employees. From this example, I would anticipate that this manager’s values didn’t align itself well with the health club’s values.

Malphurs, a leadership guru, advocated that leaders are responsible for articulating the institution’s primary values. Joyner, author of Leadership Management, argues that outstanding leaders fail unless their lives are underpinned with honor, morality, and character.

Therefore, leaders should remember that character counts on a daily basis and that employees will follow their lead. Start today.


Joyner, R. (1994). Leadership Management. Charlotte, NC: MorningStar Publication.

© 2006 by Daryl D. Green

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