Electric and Gas Meter Boxes at Affordable Prices

These days LPG and premium natural gas equipment comes at affordable prices. This equipment ranges from boiling rings, cooker hoses to gas meter boxes. Most of this equipment has quality assurance and perfection. Sharp sourcing of raw materials to efficient final dispatch of products has resulted in this equipment being affordable. There are numerous players in the market who are able to supply this equipment but there are very few who can supply at a competitive price.

Shop for gas equipment from the comfort of your home
With the advancement in technology and rapid internet explosion you can sit back at home and order whatever you want; be it cylinder equipment or even a meter box. While browsing online if you have any doubt about the products, there are friendly staffs that can assist and guide you on the phone right through the online purchase process. In addition to this some companies would also free delivery of products if purchases are of a minimum value stipulated by them.

LPG Equipment for commercial use

Products such as pressure limiters, regulators and automatic switches are used for cylinder installations for commercial use as well as domestic use. The proper knowledge of composition of LPG mixture and necessary pressures is mandatory before installation. Pressure regulators are needed to enable the use of stored or distributed gas for different types of applications. You need to keep in mind that high quality products of propane and butane are best for this purpose. In addition to this, you need to also cater to the requirements of cylinder filling and refilling. Staff must be trained with regard to usage of fire extinguishers and extinguishers and fire blankets must be regularly serviced as a precaution. Gas meter boxes are fixed with regard to safe keeping of the meters as they are placed outdoors.

Different types of Gas meters available

The diaphragm meter is most common type of gas meter installed in small commercial establishments and in homes. This meter has chambers which have movable diaphragms which enable efficient flow of gas. Generally the box for the meter is standardized but can be customized if required. The other kinds of meters are rotary, orifice, turbine, coriolis and ultra flow. Gas meters are normally placed outside a home keeping in mind safety reasons. In most countries the meter readers are placed with the establishment or the home. Electric meter boxes are also available.

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