Don’t Let Your Website Turn Into a Zombie!

We’ve all read the stories and seen the films, but would you spot a zombie apocalypse if it were staring you right in the face? What if it was happening right now, on your website?

Unattractive, unresponsive and inaccessible? Yep, you guessed it, that’s a zombie website.

You can spot a zombie website a mile off – walking around the Internet eating up search results and spreading outdated information. You see, the Internet is continuously working… always on. Nothing can stop a zombie website from dragging its lifeless body, missing limbs and all, across the Internet and hurting your business’ reputation.

Zombie websites continue to exist, but no longer properly serves the business that gave it life. Let this be a cautionary reminder of what can happen and how to tell if your site is among the walking dead.

Slow and clumsy

Zombies are dreadfully slow and clumsy, moving with no agility, which is the opposite of what you want your website to be doing. If your website is slow to load, it is killing your online business. No one is going to wait more than a handful of seconds to see what a site has to offer.

Websites are also often slowed down by images and other content which are excessively large. If they haven’t been properly optimized, compressed, or cached, you will have a slow, lumbering hulk of a website – all of which demonstrates the characteristics of a zombie.

Zombie apocalypse

You also must update code, and scan for bugs which could generate the equivalent of the zombie apocalypse to your website. Avoid the white screen of death and look for updates regularly.

Of course, some websites are never rejuvenated. They look exactly the same as they did in, say, 2008 when they were first launched. These sites have no updated SEO, so search engines never find them. They also have graphics and design which, if they are found, make them look as if they died long ago, but no one bothered to tell them. Can anything on the Internet be more gruesome to look at than a pitifully outdated design?

Back from the dead

Finally, there are the saddest zombie websites of all – Dead Domains! These are sites with once proud domain names who have died and then were resurrected. These might be online variations of once larger retailers, or former brick and mortar stores whose online domain was dug up by someone else, and now the website exists to sell for that surviving company.


Visitors look at your website as a reflection of your business… your virtual front door. Is your website walking the Internet like a dead zombie when you’re not even working? Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Is your content stale, old and stagnant?
  2. Your site smells like 2009?
  3. Are you losing out on customers because of incorrect contact information?
  4. Are mobile/tablet users getting a negative experience on your site?


Don’t let your website fall victim to zombies. Take all steps necessary to maintain its survival. It doesn’t require voodoo. All you need is a great designer team… (and brains, of course). Do it now! It may be trolling the Internet like a walking dead zombie, eating dissatisfied and non-return clients like braaa-iiins.

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