Does Changes in Our Life Cause Stress?

Are you the type who does not like changes? Do you get agitated when things don’t go according to your plans especially when you have got lots of things to do? Most people do not like changes and you will notice your stress level going up whenever changes happen. Do note, what is stressful to you is not necessary stressful to others.

There are several types of change that may cause stress, good change such as birth in the family, a job promotion, marriage or bad change such as death in the family, illness, divorce. Stress level may also increase if your usual daily chores are being interrupted.

How do you recognize stress? Possible signs of stress are back pain, constipation or stomach upset, feeling tired, headaches, insomnia, loss or increase of appetite. These signs will affect our health if we do not find ways to reduce stress.

How do you handle stress when change happens? Take a deep breathe and look at the way you react to change. Do not worry about things you can not control, such as weather, birth or death. You just need to accept these changes with an open mind. Adjust your schedule to accommodate the change. Be confident and well prepared for event which is stressful to you, example job interview.

Talk to friends and family members. They can give you a helping hand when needed. They can provide a shoulder to cry on too, if required. Practice the habit of exercising. Exercise can help you reduce stress and it can also help you to sleep better. Do not over-stretch yourself. Set a time limit for yourself. You need time to rest in order to have a fresh start tomorrow.

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