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UPDATE: A how-to video about removing the Extensions button from Firefox toolbar has been added to help our readers in following the instructions easily.

Mozilla Firefox 109 and later versions come with a new “Extensions” button on toolbar which helps users in managing the installed extensions. If you want to remove the “Extensions” button from Firefox toolbar, this article will help you.

Mozilla team has added a dedicated “Extensions” menu button to Firefox toolbar similar to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers.

Firefox now displays a Jigsaw Puzzle piece icon in its toolbar to provide a new unified or dedicated Extensions menu which helps users in accessing and managing all installed extensions quickly and easily using a single button.

The puzzle piece toolbar icon shows a drop-down list of all installed extensions or add-ons in Firefox so that the user can easily use an extension or manage installed extensions. Users can uninstall or remove any extension directly using this new Extensions menu button present in the toolbar.

Following screenshot shows the new Extensions menu button (puzzle icon) added in Firefox toolbar:


If you remember, we already told you about this new Extensions toolbar button adding to Firefox last year when the feature was under development and testing phase. You can check out this article to learn more about it.

Some Firefox users may not like this new button addition to the toolbar and want to get rid of the additional toolbar button.

If you also want to remove “Extensions” button from Firefox toolbar, following methods will help you:

METHOD 1: Disable Extensions Button Using CSS Style Code

This method works in all versions of Firefox.

Important Note Before Starting: Pin Extension Icons

The method given in this article will hide the Extensions button from Firefox toolbar. If you want to use any extension regularly from the toolbar, make sure to pin the extension icon first using following steps:

Click on the Extensions button, then click on the cog wheel (tools) icon given next to the extension name and select “Pin to Toolbar” option.


Do the same thing for all extensions which you want to access directly from the toolbar.

Now you are ready to hide the Extensions (puzzle piece) button from Firefox toolbar using following steps:

STEP 1: Enable CSS Stylesheet Code Support in Firefox

We are going to use a CSS style code to remove the Extensions button from Firefox toolbar, so we’ll need to first enable support for CSS code in Firefox by modifying a preference/flag using about:config page. If you are already using some custom CSS code tweaks in Firefox, you might already have enabled CSS code support in your browser.

If you are new, just set toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets preference to true on about:config page to enable support for CSS code.


Following article contains step-by-step guide for you:

[Fix] userChrome.css and userContent.css Codes Stopped Working After Firefox Upgrade

STEP 2: Open Firefox Profile Folder

Now we’ll need to put the required CSS code in a file called userChrome.css present inside Firefox profile folder.

You can directly open your Firefox profile folder using following steps:

  • Type about:support in address bar and press Enter. It’ll open Troubleshooting Information page.
  • Now look for “Profile Folder” option. Click on “Open Folder” button.

It’ll open your current Firefox profile folder.

Now create a new folder with the name chrome inside the profile folder. Right-click on empty area and select New-> Folder option. Or you can press Ctrl+Shift+N keys together to directly create a new folder.


Set the new folder name as chrome and press Enter key.

PS: Some users may already have chrome folder in their profile folder.

STEP 3: Put CSS Code in userChrome.css File

Now we’ll apply the required CSS code. We’ll take help of a built-in file userChrome.css to implement our custom-made CSS code. This file doesn’t exist by default and we’ll need to manually create the file using Notepad and add following code:

#unified-extensions-button, #unified-extensions-button > .toolbarbutton-icon{
width: 0px !important;
padding: 0px !important;

PS: If you don’t want to create the CSS file manually, we have created a ready-made userChrome.css file for your convenience. Download following ZIP file, extract it using 7-Zip or other file archive software and you’ll get userChrome.css file with the above mentioned code:

PS: If you already have userChrome.css file in chrome folder, you’ll need to copy the text given in downloaded userChrome.css file and paste it at the top of existing userChrome.css file and save the file.

STEP 4: Restart Firefox to Apply Changes

You’ll need to restart Firefox to take effects. If you have opened multiple tabs and you don’t want to lose them, you can restart Firefox without losing tabs using methods given in following tutorial:

[Tip] How to Restart Mozilla Firefox Without Losing Tabs

That’s it. Restart Firefox browser and the Extensions button will be gone from Firefox toolbar.

UPDATE: Following video shows all the required steps live in action for your convenience:

METHOD 2: Disable Extensions Button Using About:Config Page

This method works perfectly in Firefox 110 or older versions.

Mozilla team has provided a hidden secret preference/flag to deactivate and disable the new “Extensions” toolbar button in Firefox. Once you modify this secret preference, Firefox will stop showing the new “Extensions” button on its toolbar.

1. Open Firefox and type about:config in the addressbar and press Enter. It’ll show you a warning message, click on “Accept the Risk and Continue” button. It’ll open Firefox’s hidden secret advanced configuration page i.e. about:config page.

2. Now type unified in Search filter box and you’ll see following preference in the window:



3. This preference is set to true by default which means the new Extensions menu button is enabled in Firefox.

To disable and remove the new Extensions menu button from Firefox toolbar, double-click on the preference extensions.unifiedExtensions.enabled and set its value to false. Alternatively, you can click on the Toggle icon given next to the preference name.

4. You’ll need to restart Firefox to take effects. Restart Firefox browser and the “Extensions” button will be removed from the toolbar and you’ll no longer see the button in Firefox toolbar.

NOTE: If you notice a new Arrow icon showing in place of Extensions button, it’s the default Overflow icon of Firefox which is shown when there are some hidden icons on the toolbar. You can also remove the Arrow icon using following steps:

  • Click on the Arrow icon and you’ll see separate icons of installed extensions/add-ons.
  • Click on the cog wheel icon given next to each extension icon and select “Remove from Toolbar” option.

Once you remove all extensions icons, the Arrow icon will automatically disappear from the toolbar.


PS: In future, if you decide to restore the new Extensions menu button on Firefox toolbar, set the above mentioned preference/flag extensions.unifiedExtensions.enabled to true again using about:config page. Restart Firefox and it’ll add the new Extensions menu button again.

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