Dating Over 40 – Love is a State-of-Mind – Six Tips to Find It

Do you remember the last time you were in love? Think back to the very beginning with all the excitement, tingles, energy and amazement. When you fall in love – the world looks more beautiful, life’s flaws disappear, you feel vibrantly alive, and the possibilities seem endless. Love is much more than two people together in relationship. Love is truly a state-of-mind.

If you are in the process of looking for love, putting this important concept to work for you can make all the difference. Sometimes frustration can creep into your search which can cause your energy and attitude to plummet. The Universal Law of Attraction states “Like attracts like.” That means it’s a lot easier to find love if you are a loving person and maintain a loving state-of-mind.

So how can someone create a loving state-of-mind prior to finding the real thing? Here are six, powerful tips to help achieve a positive outlook. Some ideas will improve self-love, while others enhance your attitude. See what appeals to you and put it to work to keep your spirits up and lovable.

1) Create an Altar Dedicated to Love

Designate a sacred space and adorn it with a pair of pink candles, heart shaped items, a framed picture of lovers from myth, movies or literature. You choose the symbols with the most meaning for you. Have fun with this task. When you look at your completed arrangement, it should instantly elicit warm, loving feelings and reinforce that finding love is really possible.

2) Heighten Your Feminine Charm

Wear perfume, sexy underclothes or makeup to heighten your feminine charm. Put on your favorite outfit to feel fabulous. Get your nails done, have a facial or massage or try an aromatherapy session. Take a bubble or scented bath, light the room with candles and play soothing or romantic music. Indulge in whatever makes you feel more alluring.

3) Focus on Your Best Features

Select your best feature, focus on on it daily and be grateful for its beauty. Every woman, without exception, has her own unique beauty and reason to be loved. Do you have beautiful eyes, sensuous lips, delicate hands, curvaceous hips or walk with a graceful step? Celebrate what makes you beautiful to build your self-esteem.

4) Practice Abundant Thinking

Notice the number of stars in the night sky, grains of sand at the beach, blades of grass in your lawn (or any where there’s a patch) leaves on a single tree, or even cars on a traffic-jammed highway. Look for situations or items that are too numerous to count, because they provide excellent evidence that the universe is an incredibly abundant place. When you feel abundant, you feel more generous and realize it’s safe to share what you have, because there will always be more!

5) Think Loving Thoughts and Open Your Heart

Try smiling at someone who catches your eye, letting a person cut in front of you in the grocery store checkout, allow a car to leave a four-way stop ahead of you even if you were there first, etc. These random acts of kindness shift your energy, and transform your life experience. This generosity of spirit might not be rewarded directly, but will come back to you, even if it’s just to maintain an elevated mood.

6) Find a Reason to Laugh at Least Once a Day

No matter what is happening in your life, there is always something to smile about if you take the time to connect with it. Some reasons might include: being healthy, employed, good weather, your favorite season, a happy memory, an upcoming vacation, friendship, family, a nice home, etc. Make a list of what is good and get in the habit of noticing what is going right with your world.

Don’t feel you have to try all of these methods, but know that the more time you spend lifting your spirits and maintaining a positive self-image and outlook, the better your chances of feeling good and attracting the love your desire. At the very least, you’ll enjoy whatever you do a whole lot more. Knowing love is a state-of-mind, makes it possible for everyone to experience it.

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