Cure Snoring – The Natural Way

Does your snoring keep everyone at home awake through the night? Does your partner wake you up because of the noise emanating from your nose or mouth because you are snoring loudly? Is your partner getting more and more irritable because of your snoring and lack of rest? Even though your partner realizes that it is not your fault you snore, it can be trying and stressful dealing with lack of rest every night.

Often even with the best of intentions, the relationship can not withstand the stress of snoring. The one who snores dismisses the problem not realizing how hard it is for the other one. This leads to misunderstandings that can escalate into a break up of the relationship.

Snoring not only affects the person living with the snoring partner, it also affects one who snores. They are normally short of sleep, which leads to bad mood, lack of energy for life and even sex. Snoring is often a result of sleep apnea, which leads to lack of oxygen in the body, which leaves the one who snores listless and tired, which compounds the problem. Both the partners should face the situation head on. The problem should be discussed immediately and steps taken to cure the snoring problem. This can happen easily if the one who snores accepts the fact that there is a problem and he/she needs help.

Snoring is often the result of your breathing passage narrowing due to incorrect sleeping posture or some abnormality in the soft tissue in the throat. This leads to noisy breathing. The fact is that it can easily be corrected. There are simple corrective measures that can help reduce the noise caused by snoring. First of all you need to find out the cause why you snore.

  • If you snore when you breathe with your mouth closed, in all probability you have a problem with your tongue.
  • If you sleep with your mouth open, your snoring definitely has something to do with the tissues.
  • If you snore only when you sleep on your back, change your posture. Your snoring is mild and some lifestyle changes can help reduce snoring.
  • If you snore in any posture that you sleep in, you require treatment because your snoring problem is severe.
If your nights are noisy and your spouse is talking about sleeping in separate bedrooms, try these simple corrective measures.
  • Ensure that you sleep on your side, ask your partner to roll you over on your side if you start snoring.
  • Uses bolsters or stack your pillows so that your head is elevated when you sleep. It will make you breathe less noisily.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake and medications.
  • Before going to bed, blow your nose, clear your air ways.
  • Obesity is known to be a cause of snoring, so reduce weight.

You do not have to live with snoring. It can easily be corrected. Be cautious. It could be a sign that you are suffering from some disease or a serious condition. Consult a specialist; get your medical check up done. Stop living in denial. Get help to cure your snoring now.

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